Valkyrie Test Results

Here you can post your personal test for Valkyrie. Now that valkyrie is getting more mature it is becoming very powerful and reliable so feel free to post your personal test results here for detecting malware or safe files, remember valkyrie can do both, very well.

In my opinion its best to test valkyrie after removing anything CIS detects with local signatures or in the cloud. If there is anything that isnt detected as malware but you believe its truly is malware post it here with a virustotal link. Also if CIS isnt detecting a piece of malware its best to report the sample here. If you experience any bugs with the valkyrie site you can post them here

BTW if your experiencing any FPs with CIS, upload them to valkyrie and see the true power of the AI. I rarely see FPs from valkyrie.

Happy testing

Ill be the first to post a test. I download a multiple packs of malware totaling to 717 malware. I first check all the files in the cloud and with the local signatures and removed what they found. Combined they found 601/717 = 83.82%. Next i uploaded all the undetected files to valkyrie, 7/717 were not analyzed, valkyrie say they were non PE files, there were 3 files detected as “normal” (i will post the Virustotal links below), 1 file detected as “unknown” (linked below), and 105 detected as malware.

So with the combined detection of CIS and valkyrie they had an overall detection rate of 706/717 = 98.47%

Here are the files marked as "normal’:

Some of these files might not even be malicious.

Here is the file the was marked “unknown”:

All of the undetected samples have been submitted to comodo.

EDIT: i forgot to mention the samples were 24-48 hours old.

I LOVE this combined tests with CIS and VALK… I just love it!
Please keep up the good testing work! :wink:

I will test it and post results probably friday or later, btw thanks valkyrie is improving and growing very well :-TU

150 pieces of malware.
Comodo local database + cloud lookup : it left 29 files. (80.6%) 3 safe files so I did not scan them with valk.
valkyrie scan of 26 files : 21 identified as malicious and only 5 as normal (most of the 5 ones = Adware).

Great test spywar, and good results for COMODO team.

Could it be that with CAV and VALK (thanks to COMODO) we are witnessing perfection in detection? :smiley: :smiley:

Hi today I have a malware pack which contains 341 files. (Thanks MalwareCenter).
Cis + cloud lookup : 83/341 (24.3%).
Valkyrie scan of the 258 files :
Number of files classified as Malware : 217
Number of files classified as Normal : 20
Number of files classified as NO PE file : 21
Percentage Valkyrie + CIS + cloud lookup : 300/341 (88%).
Many thanks to the devs.

did you upload the 20 marked as safe to Virustotal to see if they were actually malware?

great results BTW

Oh no I forgot …

ok i was just curious, nice work :-TU

So, what is the final VIRUSTOTAL verdict for those 20? :wink: :-TU

I removed all of them but I suspect they were AdWare or probably clean file :wink:

Super! Thanks and great job you did my friend!

Today : 298 malwares
CIS + cloud lookup : 143/298 (48%)
valkyrie scan of the left files :
Malware : 147
Normal : 8
Unknown : 0
NO PE : 0
CIS + valkyrie 290/298 (97.3%).
an example of a file detected as normal

We can see AdHeuristic3 : malware.

Interesting, Valk increase doubly the detection rates. This is great.

[quote author=spywar link=topic=88429.msg641641#msg641641 date=1355172638
We can see AdHeuristic3 : malware.
Altough they are “malware” as per the AdHeuristic3, they are considered 99.9% “normal”. How could that be?


Alright, thanks wasgij6.
Hopefully Fanny its following this thread :wink:

Valkyrie isn’t working atm :o I hope devs are improving it again :slight_smile:

It’s working again this morning, but there is a problem with AdHeur1 which says many times malware but result does not change like before. Here is an example of what I’m talking :

We have complicated process to integrate the results. Although some detector’s result may be ‘malware’, its weight may be low, and final result will be normal. So the result it is right.