valkyrie coming soon ?

Hi all,

I asked honglz who seems to be part of valkyrie project he said :

integrated soon ? Where ? ???

This is greatly anticipated :-TU
Hope to hear some more news about this soon.

Been thinkin’ more about this :slight_smile:
Will this be in CIS 6.1 then, I remember this was rumoured before.
Fanny are you able to tell more yet ???

They just have to add it into cloud system (aka FLS) so all the work is done in the backend …

Sorry for bumpin’ this one but …

Melih ?
Fanny ?
Igor ?
Egemen ?
Uncle Tom Cobley ?

Full Behaviour Blocker still on track for CIS 6 or 7 version ???

Uncle Tom Cobley ;D

Had to laugh at that, sorry ;D

I really hope someone at Comodo can let the community all know the current status of integrating Valkyrie into the cloud, I think we all would appreciate that very much, thanks :slight_smile:

Didn’t make CIS 6.2 then, so please pray tell when ???

Uncle Tom :smiley:

Slava Garelin does not have any info yet. Please wait Igor told me he will let me know ASAP about valkyrie including CCAV.

Will be waiting for sure :slight_smile:

Fresh news from Igor :

Valkyrie is currently being used to generate signs for new upcoming unknown files

Comodo Cloud Antivirus is planned to be released this year.

Thanks for the heads up ;D :-TU