Valkyrie catching Zero Day malware - see the stats

look at the main page to see the stats…

see how many Zero day malware our beautiful valkyrie catching everyday :slight_smile:

I/We always knew Valkyrie detection is amazing.

How is the FPs rate with Valkyrie?

What is “Valkyrie Hunter”? :o

Its a tool that will scan your network for unknown files (lets say a company wants to scan the whole network etc, or a user wants to scan all the computers at home) and send it to Valkyrie for analysis.

Sounds interesting! Thanks! :slight_smile:

And how can users even use this thing when only things that it lists appear to be corporate oriented. I can’t get any of it to activate scanning on a local PC. It always wants the ■■■■ password for the account even though I don’t even have any.