Validation department

After being issued with my Digital certificate in October 2007, I have ‘recently’ found a need to have it re-issued via a new key/CSR pair. “No problem!” I thought, “I’ll just head over to SSL Management and have it replaced”. That was April 30, 2009.

I’ve been dancing with the Validation department since May 1, 2009 to the tune of ‘Certificate of Incorporation’ and the collective likes, until today when someone finally acknowledged the Bank statement I attached to the support ticket on May 2, 2009.

After two other people there have listed a ‘valid Government-issued Photo ID’ as ‘acceptable validation documents’, and my responding to say that I don’t hold a photo ID of any sort, the person today said that “A valid photo ID showing your name and address is mandatory for verifying application with individual details.” and that “None of the other documents you provided are valid as far as our verification process is concerned.”.

Two of the other six documents I provided were my ‘end of year PAYE summary’ and the ‘Conformation of Registration’ letter from the domain registry organisation responsible for the domain in question.

This apparent change of policy seems to be somewhat restrictive against those who choose not embark on International travel, or drive. It’s quite obvious that there are other forms of documentation that’ll positively authenticate and individual. Perhaps it’s the fractional increase in leg work of the Validation department that has led to the decision of having the Government do all the work in authenticating an individual.

It should also be noted that this does not relate to an Extended Verification certificate, but an “Instant” SSL certificate.

Forty three days, and counting without an operational digital certificate…

The problem nowadays is that Comodo has become as hidebound, bureaucratic and inflexible as the “others”.

In the early days Comodo people bent over backwards to help.

What was once a competitive advantage is lost.

When I have had the misfortune to have to deal with support via online chat or on the phone it is often pointless as they simply do not understand what one is saying or they have no authority.


Was it the technical support department you called/chatted to?
Or, was it the Validation department?

They are, i’m sure, slightly seperated with different functions to handle and perform.
And, i’m sure you would have been passed on to the relevent department.

Its a small but important point, as this sort of issue should be brought to
the attention of the manager for that department.