Valid files included in PURGE list?

Windows 10 Home 1909 ~ Comodo Free Firewall

With previous versions of Comodo I periodically PURGED my file list (ADVANCED / FILE RATINGS / FILE LIST / PURGE), but now it seems there are many valid files included in the list – dozens at least. One random example is C:\Windows\System32\drivers\atapi.sys which is most definitely there. I’m not sure why these are being flagged as invalid, whether it’s a Comodo error or some configuration error I’ve made to it, but I’m hesitant to proceed.

Any info and ideas appreciated!

Any application update will probably change them signature of the file. Browser, MS Office and particularly any Windows update always have a length ‘invalid’ purge list. There is no problem in proceeding with it

Thanks. Am I correct in assuming that the worst that could happen is that Comodo asks me to re-set previous allow/deny process choices?

Nothing like that. Invalid files that are shown as such are redundant in any case as soon as they’re listed there and set Rules shouldn’t change at all

To add to what Ploget said, if you have not changed anything under File Rating settings there is no problem in Purging the File list regularly. In fact it’s advised to do it after every Windows Update, Program Update or Program Uninstallation.

For example, after updating Mozilla Firefox sometimes I even noticed there were duplicate entries for Firefox.exe on File List, one invalid and the other valid. The invalid entry was Purged while the other remained on the list.

I use a modified version of Vendor List with disabled Cloud Lookup, always purge the File List regularly and haven’t faced any issues so far with CIS blocking legitimate applications after Purging the list, or anything like that. :-TU