Vale Tasos Laurentaidis :'(

Sunday June 28th, forum member KoPRoSKyLo (Tasos Laurentiadis) (He of the "Where the HELL is CTM3 fame) passed away suddenly as the result of a massive heart attack.

The world has lost a gentle, compassionate soul and we have all lost a friend.

:β€˜( :’( :cry:

Man I have no idea who your talking about. When it comes my time many probably wont know who I was either, but i feel your grief. God Bless

So sad to hear that :frowning:
Our thoughts and prayers are with Tasos’s family.


It’s sad and sentimental to hear that. Though most of us didn’t know Tasos Laurentaidis (KoPRoSKyLo) in real life (in person), we did interact with him on forums.

Sorry to hear of the sad news. :frowning:
Our thoughts go out to KoPRoSKyLos family and friends.