V5/V6 update/upgrade

OK so since my Pro expired, and I have since been able to install and get to work the Premium version, I’m wondering what will be the upgrade/update track to V6 when it does go final? Will it (v5.12) give me a popup telling me V6 is available to “update” from the program? or to download the new verion in full form from what ever download page its located and go through another full install?

Since this V5.12 is W8 compatable, I assume when I do the MS upgrade thing end of the month it will just transfer over and continue to operate. Lots of changes to deal with lately with all this, good for those just getting into the tech world, bad for us that have a lot of “old” hardware/software. Even this “new” laptop may as well be considered old as GPU drivers are hard to come by.

W7 x64
Intel 2670QM, 8g ram, Radeon7690M XT 2g, 1920x1080, BT,usb 3.0

v6 has a lot of very big changes so its best to do a clean install following this guide.

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Now I’m a bit apprehensive to even install W8 with all the cryin about that.