V5 known issues fixed or not in V6

This list has been created through fix lists and my own experimentation. If you think anything is incorrect or you can supply any missing information then please do post in this topic which is not locked.

  • = believed to be fixed
    *** = believed not to be fixed
    no star = not yet known

Defense plus and sandbox

[ol]- *Fast user switching can cause CIS to malfunction or forget rules. Topic. No fix.

  • Some apps won’t run w/o BO exemptions - these are not obvious to users. Topic. No fix.
  • Difficult to make generated executables trusted (eg Make .bat) files. Topic. Fix [at] D.
  • *CIS can steal focus and cause full screen apps to be minimised. Topic. Fix in topic.
  • ***Adding a directory to trusted files adds all files in it - executable or not. No topic. No fix.
  • *Adding multiple versions of files to trusted files give confusing duplicate entries. Topic 2B added
  • Apps inc Office Starter that access MS Virtual drive may not work. Topic. Untested fix.
  • *Video/sound/clipboard probs in manually sandboxed browsers (rpts needed). Topic. Topic. No fix.
  • Policy choices offered in D+ alerts do not always include user defined policies when relevant. Topic. No fix.
  • Unknown services not blocked tho ‘block all unknown requests’ is ticked. Topic. No fix.
  • *Sandboxed files can deposit shortcuts on desktop with standard settings. Topic. Fix.
  • *Execution control level slider appears to serve no purpose. Devs - please see mods discussion[/ol]


  • CIS blocking Itunes 10 (Airport + Airtunes Express). Topic. No complete fix.
  • ***Cannot reliably block communication by hostname. Topic. Topic. No fix.
  • *IP6 NDP packets cause alerts from random processes that can’t be suppressed. Topic. No fix.
  • IP6 address masks do not work correctly, though IP ranges do. Topic. Fix: use IP range.


  • ***‘Ignore once’ does not work when malware is detected by real time scanner. Topic. No fix.

Other & general

  • *Hi CPU every 5 mins when AV on and significant number of unrecognised files in D+ Topic.
  • ***Rules are not remembered by FW or HIPS on removable/network drives. Topic. Topic. . No complete fix.
  • ***Date format in CIS is taken from language not OS country settings. Topic. No fix.
  • *When proxy is defined then disabled, CIS contiues to try to use it. Topic. Re-install to fix.
  • ***Java web start may not work correctly though trusted. Topic. Part fix in topic.
    • (new game mode) Full screen mode - games or videos stall or blank - how to cure? Topic (faq) & fix.
  • *Log viewer does not filter alerts correctly. Topic. Topic. No fix.
  • Version number in registry (& in Windows) not being updated. Topic. Topic. Part fix in topics.
  • Non-paged memory not released when run with some database drivers. Topic. No fix.