v5.9 and UDP to

When I updated to v5.9 all my computers now show each one trying to make an UDP connection to port 53.This happens several times a minute resulting in hundreds of log entries.

This address is owned by Level 3 Communications, Inc.
I’m assuming it is something in the new CIS. Why is CIS now doing this? Who is Level 3 Communications, Inc? is the primary server of Comodo Secure DNS. You probably selected by accident the option to install Secure DNS with CIS install. If you don’t want to keep Secure DNS and prefer revert to the DNS servers of your ISP, just followed the instruction here (http://www.comodo.com/secure-dns/index.html).

Port 53 is the port used to connect to a DNS server.

Level 3 Communications [wikipedia.org] are a Tier 1 Network provider.

Didn’t see any announcement that the servers had changed. They used to be:

I’ll change my set up.