v4: live support instead of a "help-manual link"? [merged topic]

why isnt there a “what is this about” link on the pages of the userinterface anymore to help to understand? now theres just a “get live support”.
i think, this live support is not for free. and is it really necessary that one has to get live support, if he just want to read the help text which was there until v4?

i must admit, i wouldnt have understood all the features of comodo without the helptext.
until v4 you was able to learn how to make right settings. now average users have to run the firewall default, or take the risk to make mistakes, if they dont want to pay. (running default is dangerous as we see todays with sandbox problems all around the forum).

at least you could give a manual file with the installer, or a link to a manual.

The manual is still there, like it was in version 3. You can find it under “More…”, “Help”.
The access to the topic you’re interested in, isn’t so convenient anymore.

In each window of the CIS was a shortcut to the help file with the text on the options that window. That was very helpful. In the new version there is only a shortcut to the live support, but it already exists in the main window (summary).

The shortcut to help in all windows is much more useful. Those requiring support (paid users) that use the large button in the main window. To summarize, a change bad.

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Well spotted. I totally overlooked that.

The help file(the part your looking for)

  1. Click on the comodo icon
  2. Click on “More…”
  3. Click on “Help”

Agree! Well said!

I know that. :THNK

But before the help was direct to the context in each window.

I do not understand how they can make so many wrong changes …

Any official response please?

The access to the topic you're interested in, isn't so convenient anymore.

And this is an improvement how?

The strange thing is that it seems as if this bad decision took more effort to do wrong than it would have if they’d just left it alone. Change for the sake of (bad) change? ???

I have to agree, it seems like a bad judgement was made regarding this.
(just my opinion, mind you).

i dont mind the whole live support thing. but i really wish they would stop pushing it on us.

An official response, please?