V4.23 safe with XP SP2 Win 2000 Pro SP4 ?


Sorry to be new and to be asking already questions (:WIN)

Some French-speaking users running XP home SP2 and Win 2000 SP4 would like to know whether they can install v4.23 on their computers without problems?

Thanks for your answers.

Hello MacPeter, welcome to our piece of the Comodo rock! :wink:
The 4.23 version is soon to be replaced as it was premature in it’s birth.
I personally noted no significant issues running it on XP, 2k, or server '03 but it is still not what we like to see used in a critical environment. :-[
Play if you like but 4.24 is soon to be released. :smiley:

Hello ~cat~

Thanks for the welcome.

Thanks for your answer. Well, I think I am going to start installing it under Win 2000 Pro SP4.