V3, Xp & Windows firewall - help, pls

I upgraded from V2 to V3 (automatic upgrade).

After it I had 2 messages fro Windows firewall asking if I would allow Internet access for 2 programs.
It just happens that Windows firewall was off with V2, and with V3 it’s grayed, so I cannot change its settings (reset didn’t change that).

So, I uninstalled CFP, and to my surprise I got no message about no firewall and Windows firewall is still grayed out but active!.




Well, thank God I don’t have that particular windows problem.

But you could do the first thing I would do if I had that problem.

Which is to google “SP2 firewall greyed out in windows XP”.–without the quotes.

And I just got pages of hits when I did that a few moments ago.

Here is the top link I just glanced at from microsoft.


Thanks, Osage

When I wrote in my firest post ’ reset didn’t change that’ pls understand Restore Defaults button didn’t change that.

But by the time of my first post I’d already googled and found the site you’ve posted the link, and I’ve used the group police editor option…

In Windows irewall, no service is ticked (active).

To the best of my knowledge, CFP is working Ok - it’s juts that the Windows firewall is active and grayed out.
I think there may be a bug in the upgrader package.

I will try to delete the register entry as the other option suggests…

Well, another of the Windows misteries…

The regedit option did it; after deleting the entry and reboot I was able to turn off the Windows firewall. :BNC