V3 won't open; error messages

I have recently installed version 3 and find that most times it won’t open automatically on startup. I receive two error messages:

I am then able to start the program manually without difficulty. I have returned to version 2 unless I can resolve this problem. I had previously uninstalled v2 through “add or remove” before installing v3

I uninstalled v3 using “add or remove programs” but i could not locate the “File and Registry cleaner.bat” file mentioned in the detailed removal instructions to do any more thorough a job.

I am using XP Home SP2 patched with 1 gb of RAM, SpywareBlaster, Windows Defender, Avast and SpyBot 1.5 latest build.

this has been aready reported (I started the topic a while ago in the bug section)


this should be resolved with the next release I suppose.

Thank you, but how do I know when the new releases appear?

V3 appeared and I found out about it purely by accident. I open the updater each week and request updates but I’m told that none are available despite the appearance of new versions in the meantime.

Even now that I have returned to V2, asking the updater for updates produces nothing even though V3 exists.

that’s a good question, but I honestly don’t know.

has a free update checker.
It checks for updates for programs that are installed on your computer.


CFP does that automatically when you log in to Windows, unless you unchecked the setting.

Thank you for replying…

I installed the update checker from File Hippo, but it did not detect version 3 of Comodo even though I have reverted to the last available build of v2, also from File Hippo. It detected 7 other updates I could acquire but not Comodo.

I have not unticked the option for Comodo to check for updates.