v3 with Bittorrent

There is a specific port i need to allow for bittorrent via the new v3 comodo.
This is the action taken:

Firewall>Advanced>Network Security Policy>Global Rules>Allow TCP From Any, To Any, Source Any, Destination port “xxxxx”

The rule is moved to the top of the list above the red X rule.

Bittorrent application is allowed

In Bittorrent there is a speed guide option to see if the port if forwarded correctly and it keeps failing saying port xxxxx is not forwarded correctly. It used to work with the old version and now this new update isnt letting this port forward like i want it to

with v3 u have to set application specific rules NOT Global Rules:

Firewall>Advanced>Network Security Policy>Application Rules>“Bitorrent Application eg. uTorrent”

IF the application is already listed, edit the rules like you would in v2 and move it to top of the list…

if the app is not listed you can click add and Browse for it

I have done as you said to no avail. I have removed the global rule, found the listed application in the application rules, created a rule therein to allow any in tcp destination port xxxxx, and moved the application all the way to the top. It is still not working.

Here is like a mini pictorial that i created for the settings i am using with utorrent… i hope it helps…

1st rule: application Out > Allow Tcp/Udp Out Any Any Any Any
2nd rule: application In > Allow/Log Tcp/Udp In Any Your IP Any Your Port
3rd rule: Block and Log All Unmatching Requests > Block/Log IP Any Any Any

And You Don’t need to move the application up on the list … But the Block Rule Must be Last

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Still broken