v3 using very low RAM but PC running really slow!

So I resolved the ScanSoft OmniPage issue and v3 is running but very slow and choppy. This is XP with NOD32, AVG Anti-Spyware and Windows Defender running and using Firefox inside Sandboxie. Will these speed up after Defense+ learns more? Thank You!

mine sped up after D+ learned most that it needed to know, i see you have avg anti-spyware, when i run a scan with avg my pc slows down alot.

I’ve discovered v3 and Sandbosie do not play well. I’ll disable Defense+ and see what happens.

ur AVG AS got real-time? if dat case, AVG AS can conflict w MS Defender.
Besides, NOD 32 also protect against malware other dan virus, so actually NOD32 alone as signature-based app is enuf.

Mor dan dat, NOD32’s threatsense is kinda HIPS steppin over v3. w v3, u can confidently turn threatsense off if u r not paranoid.

its tru dat v3 and sandboxie got sum prob.