V3 Upgrade Vista 64

I run a dual boot XPx86 & Vista 64 Ulta…3-4 days back while running Vista a notification to upgrade CFP with new features, it required new CFP setup as old settings would be lost. On the same day I received and uploaded MS Vista updates (quick check looked OK) there were some 7-8 in all. Following this total upgrade I lost internet (Firefox) and Email (outlook 2003). I reset CFP and after reboots no reported Firewall or defense events logged. I reset all my Vista settings…all Vista faults indicated everything was OK, except there was no Netgear DG834PN Modem/Router response, this was not a IP, Workgroup or password problem. I was able to Internet connect in Vista under Network Sharing-Connect to -Internet options-Connect Internet butnot via IE, FF or Outlook.
My Lan network (3 PCs) is working fine
Booted to XP Pro SP2 x86 and I had not problems…now I’m not sure just where the fault is, but it would seem to be a Internet connect problem between Vista and my Netgear, no even sure CFP is involved???