V3 Upgrade issues and suggestions

I have several obseravations about my recent V2.4 to V3 upgrade experience. I would also like to add that I am a developer, and may demand more from an upgrade experience that some users, but most of my gripes should be universal.

First, when upgrading an app, the new app should be able to read settings from the old app and import them into the new app. This should hold true, even if the new app must uninstall the old app before installing itself. I was sorely supprised to see V2.4 unintalled and V3 installed without any knowkledge of my 2.4 settings. Someone just wasted a lot of my valuable time, and that lost time is compounded by every user going through the upgrade process. Shame, Shame, Shame on you!!

Second, an application should NEVER, NEVER, NEVER delete an application, or move application files without a warning to the user that this is being done. After I installed V3 I tried to run a Stock Quote app (QuoteTracker) and got the error “stocks.exe is not a valid WIN32 image” message. After examining the install folder, I found the files were all gone. I have no idea how many other apps may be affected. I can not attribute this to Comodo 100%, but as of 8:00 pm yesterday evening, the stocks.exe app ran just fine. This makes me highly suspect Comodo, and has me worried about other affected apps. Again, someone is wasting my time and the time of many other folks.

Third, performance is horrible. I ran a build that normally takes 2 minutes, and after 20 minutes, I hard rest my machine, because every app seemed to be locked up. I checked my Pending Files list, and had over 800 files in the list. Most were assemblies and EXEs in temporary build folders. I have no clue how to tell Comodo how to ignore files like this.

All in all, I have decided to uninstall V3, and reinstall V2.4. My productivity can not take the hit needed to get V3 up and running. I will wait until I see the number of issues with V3 drop and some of the issues fixed. When I do upgrade, I will install on a virtual machine, just to see how things go. That way, I will not hose my development machine. Clearly, the product needs more testing before being released. If I do not see any improvements, I will be searching for a new product.

Comodo V3 is an entirely different animal to V2.4 so 2.4’s rules etc are not compatible.

For your other issues some information about your operating system and other security related software will help people to narrow down your problem.

It does seem to cause some people problems but on my machine performance is up dramatically! No more 100% CPU spikes.


You’re not mistaken… Comodo DID hose your Stock Quote application… it did the same thing to my DVD-Audio authoring software application.

Better do a system restore and hope it’s fixed.

There is absolutely NO excuse for this. I’m completely done with Comodo.


we need your help pls.
We need to identify this “stocks.exe is not a valid WIN32 image” issue. Need to identify when and how it happens. We need to be able to replicate this somehow so that we can fix it.
can u help us?

Hi Guys,

It does not do anything to those applications. They are there but CFP is somehow blocking them from being executed.

If you uninstall CFP or disable Defense+, they should be ok.

Can you please tell us the other security applications you have installed?


I did the same as you and reinstalled v2.4 but now my Updater gives error message 108 “could not complete update process” This worries me a bit. Did you have the same problem? Do you know how to fix this? Many thanks, dermeer

Dave you seem to be quite lucky there!!
Post install I had every app I tried flag up a not a valid win32 image.
I got bored after trying
MS office ~ all apps in 2003
Firefox & MS exploder
All of Adobe CS3 apps
Dreamweaver 8 suite
All the microsoft visual studio family
3 e-learning apps
All of the open office apps
A few apps that are early startups were working though, but the data I downloaded through a VPN was trashed, great 1.5GB of wasted bandwitdth

I agree with you on the auto deletion of V2, not good, and the loss of the rule set even if you choose to roll back to V2. I’m now rebuilding the rule set for V2 for the various servers on this PC and the software, if I’d purchased this I would have wanted £$£$ redress for the work involved.

hi people
i had same problem after upgrading i.e all my applications giving me ---- not a valid WIN32 image error
could not get system restore or anything. then i remembered something about SAFE MODE
i am not exactly a computer expert but after a few hours of desperation,nail biting etc was able to get back to something near normal.still couldnt get a firewall installed but after a putting a post on the forum, i got a reply ( thanks again umesh ) and success,managed to install version 2
i cannot say if they should have tested a bit longer,if so how long ???
i for one am staying with comodo as i feel the problems will be ironed out ( hopefully )
will stick with V2 for now and keep reading posts on forum

i am running xp home with sp2
comodo antivirus
verification engine
ashampoo antispyware


I got bit by the upgrade bug too…“invalid win32” plus a few other things. It seemed it locked the entire computer down. Pressing the “Start” button and hovering the mouse pointer over “All Programs” would bring up the first column of the start menu but none of the programs would highlight or “flyout” further. Trying to restart the computer to boot into safe mode to do a “System Restore” in WinXPSP2 brought up a message saying “You don’t have permission to do this”. So… I killed the power, booted into safe mode, did the restore and all is well. Kind of disappointed but this won’t stop me from using Comodo.
Also got a message saying the installation would uninstall DiamondCS Process Guard-which it didn’t.

I appreciate the support guys!

compatibility issues are very (VERY) difficult to foresee at beta testing or even at RC stage, as we will encounter many different configuations. However, what makes us different is “WE ARE HERE FOR YOU” and I do mean it literally! As people were reporting issues, our dev guys were fixing them. Our mods, dev guys and me were all here making sure to handle all the issues raised. WE WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU! Yes, there will be issues, I don’t think anyone can make any serious software without having issues, however the difference with Comodo is, we will always be there and solve them at the speeds that sometimes seem humany impossible! :slight_smile:

Also, V3 with its A-VSMART Technology and Architecture (patent pending) is a true power house! It starves the malware what it craves - CPU time- (just like depriving humans by not giving them food and water) hence prevents any malware from causing a damage. This is a revolution in the way we protect ourselves and its a platform that will create the paradigm shift in the security world. I do expect others follow suit and thats good for the users!

Anyway, again thank you for your continued support, you are helping millions of others users by sticking with Comodo and making sure bugs are ironed out! Imagine how many millions of people can’t afford to pay for their protection and fall a victim to malware! Thank you on their behalf!

Thank you all!