V3 upgrade BAD IDEA - Old version does not work now either

Clicked on the UPGRADE TO V 3.0 link. Even though I have an unsupported OS (win 2k3) Your Application told me that there was a new version.

Installed “Upgrade” version which Un-installs Old Version.
New version did not install but wiped old version.
No firewall…
Tried to re-install Ver 2.4, but it doesn’t launch Application Monitor; Component Monitor; Network Monitor and Application Behavior Analysis don’t start… can not turn on or edit.
No firewall…
I did un and re install- only suggestion from application ???

good thing is that this is a staging machine and not production.

Machine is Win2k3 that had been working FINE until I clicked “Upgrade” button.



Same case with me, I upgrade to 3.0, and now I can not check mail with Outlook or Foxmail, it look like POP3 is block, Even if I switch OFF defence+ and firewall.

System is Win XP SP2.



Version 3 seems to have conflicts with lots of software

I upgraded like you and all was working well until I activated a program that V3 didnt like and from that point on there was no turning back.

In the end I uninstalled V3 and reinstalled V2 everything normal now.

By the way if you are running anything other than XP you should not install V3 I believe that V2 is recomended for other windows varietys…

Not anymore… V2 does not work after (attempted) upgrade to V3. Too bad the install routine doesn’t detect something ‘complicated’ like your OS. (:AGY)

V2 came back fine on mine. I’d figure you have some odd components still lurking in your system somewhere.
Use safe mode to uninstall and if you have the software to clean up the registry shambles then use it before installing V2.

There is nothing to un install. V3 ‘uninstalls’ V2 and then fracks the system. V2 installs but wont run.
Have manually deleted all registry entries relating to comodo and all folders, still won’t work.
Is there a real fix?
What other DLL’s or SYS files does V3 do?

OK. I could not get ver 2.4 to install and work…I had V 2.3 on my hard drive, installed and upgraded. Now it works.