V3 updates

Under my previous V3 version under “Search for updates” there was no updates available, but under highlights there was a message there was an update. I followed that link and downloaded the latest? version When i ran the file it uninstalled (and wiped out all my approved files) rather than update the older version, then installed the new version. Is this the only way to “update” under V3? Also, why the conflicting information?

WOW! Five days and all these responses.

No need to respond, V3 is now history. Hopefully, V4 will be better vetted and less grandiose before being rushed to release.

I suppose there was some temporarily problem with the servers or the actual Updater. So downloading the full setup file should not have been necessary, although maybe necessary after all, in your case (“bad” installation?).

You shouldn’t have to wait until v 4, come back to v 3 instead. :wink: