V3 uninstalled uncorrectly and no web access at all!

well i got completely stuck here:

please follow story and help!

i wanted to install newest v3
program asked to uninstall so did i
installing newest it told me that a dll was missing (cpnotes,or cphelp or something like that)

well,ive got it uninstalled .reboot and…no more access

i’ve manualy cleaned and clean the registry (with registry clean tool not manualy)

a reboot did nothing ,so here i am with my computer f****d up!

of course i wanted to reinstall previous version ,it told me that cpf was installed and still running (theres no cpf process running,no service)
it asked to uninstall first ,i answered yes and nothing happened)
and if i answer no then it stops

you got to telle me how to wipe it out completely off my machine or give me a way to install it all over without that message asking me to uninstall first (wich was done already)

cause im really p****d right now!!!

(i loved comode until now:)

Hi roughboy,

goto this link https://forums.comodo.com/frequently_asked_questions_faq_for_comodo_firewall/manual_uninstall-t5326.0.html

and try that. its the first post by pandlouk, I’ve tired it myself for CPF 3 and it works

thanks dude,you have totally saved my computer life!
hey comodo team please take that issue seriously
it was a pain in the ■■■!!!

and dont worry you are still the best!!!:slight_smile: