V3 Stops Civ4 From Running

Do anyone know how to get the firewall to allow the game Civilisation 4 to work with Comodo Firewall Pro V3?

From what I can gather, V3 appears to not like the Macrovision security feature of creating temporary files. The files show up in the Defense - Pending Files, but because they get deleted by the Macrovision software I can’t move them to the My Own Safe Files.

I’ve tried setting the level down to disabling the Defense +, ticking the Disabling Defense + with the reboot and also Add/Remove the firewall but I still can’t load the game.

My biggest problem is Add/Remove doesn’t reverse the Comodo installation. If no one can provide a solution, I’ll try the manual uninstall.

One more thing, apparently the Windows Updates are still not installing, even when I try the above disable attempts as well. If anyone can off suggestions with this as well, I would be grateful.