V3 & Spysweeper & Slow loading apps?

I am on my third try at loading V3 onto this computer. I did get it to work on my two laptops and figured I would give this one another try. I spent 5 hours on it last week and now have another three into it again.

1st. It appears that there is a problem with Spysweeper. I don’t run it on the other two and I do (did) here and it seems to really bring things to a halt. It worked fine with V2.4xxx and before. I have it shut off now and it helps a little. Is there a problem there?

2nd. My apps are extreemly slow loading.They take up to five minutes to load sometimes and before they loaded in under 30 seconds. I disabled the Defense+.Once they load, they seem to be OK. Any ideas on this?


If you have added any other items to check to the default setup, you may be generating a lot of pop-up “learning” balloons. They persist for a few seconds and if there are a lot of them, it may look like the system is frozen until they evaporate. You can try Miscellaneous>Settings>General tab - and uncheck the “Show the balloon messages” box to see if that helps.