V3 slows shutdown on Vista

I used Comodo V3 on my old computer running XP without any problems. I have purchased a new computer running Vista. It came with Norton installed, I took it off and installed Comodo but noticed my computer was taking a long while to shut down 3 to 4 minutes. I went to Nortons uninstall website and followed their instructions, reinstalled Comodo and again it takes 3 to 4 minutes to shut down.

Any help appreciated.


Perhaps you could explain how it was ‘sorted’ to help any others who may have the same problem. :slight_smile:

I searched the forum for previous posts regarding this problem and noticed someone suggested using RegSeeker to clean up my registry, I downloaded the program and searched for anything Norton, which it found and I deleted, even though I had already used Nortons own uninstall programme.
I then went and reinstalled Comodo V3 and noticed that it comes with a malware program that it very very strongly recommends you to install, so this time I didn’t include it and now my computer closes at normal speed ie a minute. As I have Windows Defender, a malware program running perhaps it was a clash.!

I hope this may help if anyone has the same problem!

Ah, Norton. That program has a lot to answer for. Used it about 10 years ago, it crashed, couldn’t get it going because Norton help desk would not give me the correct uninstall files and lost 6 months of my subscription.
Never again. As well it uses a lot of your computer’s resources and slows it down. Most people in the know wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole. The sad thing is that they give it away pre-installed with a lot of new computers these days in the hope that you will renew and pay the next year. It can be a pest to get rid of completely.
I think Vista also has a lot to answer for as well. Works well for some folks and badly for others. Sticking with XP here.

A new computer so came with Vista, I think XP was far easier to use but perhaps that was because I was used to it.
Yes it came with Nortons pre installed, a 90 day free trial which expired after 7 days. I don’t think many people who buy Norton realise it’s an annual subscription! I must admit I do like their Go Back, but I don’t think my version is compatible with Vista as it won’t install.
I had a Dell Dimension 5000 (which I have since managed to repair, faulty PSU) and replaced it with an Acer which matches the Dells spec spot on, but it’s a much quieter faster machine, no regrets.


Yes Keith, I don’t think many people realise they have to pay for Norton, or pay in frustration when it goes wrong!

A lot of people in the know use Avast (free version) and I have had that one for about a year with no problems at all; just updates itself automatically every day or so.

I think MicroSoft did their normal trick of releasing Vista before it was really ready and turning all their customers who bought it into Beta Testers; But that’s hardly new is it. :slight_smile:


Hi Mike,

When the problem first arose I was trying to install Avast which I like a lot, but when getting the problem I tried loading Comodo having also used that.
Now it’s up and running OK I’ll stick with Comodo as it’s a pretty decent free firewal.


I would say that Comodo Firewall with Defense+ is probably the best Firewall, free or not. (:KWL)

But then I’m biassed, I do like all Comodo products. :BNC

Glad you got sorted now Keith.