v3 Slower to boot than v2

Well after installing Comodo v3 twice it finally seams to work well, however there is a definite difference in the amount of time it takes to startup windows. I most certainly hope that process will be addressed soon. Thank you for a fantastic piece of art.

yeah its a little quirky.

i turned off defence+ in comodo’s options and that sped up my computer a bit, but the system tray nolonger shows everything that loads upon login, i have to log out and back in to get everything to show up. when i used windows live one care, it did not do this and the hide system tray icons option is not turned on in the taskbar options.

Specifically windows xp boots up ok and my desktop comes up as usual with the icons showing up in my tray. However the Comodo V3 tray icon only shows up in the tray about one minute after all the other icons have come up.

Why is it so slow at showing itself?
Is there something I can do to make it come up faster?
Is this a problem and is it being addressed?
Should I submit this behavior as a bug?