V3 on Windows 2000?

With so many machines out there still running Win2K, will y’all be doing a V3 that will install on 2K without it b**ching that it cant find uxtheme.dll and entry points in kernel32.dll?

Because of Micro$ofts intrusive ways, I refuse to give them anymore money to keep track of me (Can you say ACTIVATION ?), and will use Win2K till it EOL’s, and by then I hope they get WINE 99% working on *nix, because I will then dump M$ garbage’ (Ill have IPTABLES/etc to protect me then…).

So I beg of you, please make a release for those of us reluctant to shell out more cash to the megalopolis?


Hi Kermit TF,

V2.4 supports Windows 2k, I don’t know about v3 supporting Windows 2k though.

here you can download CFP 2.4. Still a good Firewall.