V3 issues?

I see that there are still some issues with the firewall interacting with certain programs, will these be ironed out over time (through updates) as I dont feel comfortable moving to V3 and being overwhelmed with complications

Would I be better sticking with V2.4 until things have been corrected as people who use the computer havent a clue how to operate the firewall as it is

ps does the new firewall allow you to untick remember this action for individual pop ups

What I mean is say I permit Internet Explorer and remember it and then a further pop up request says something like a request on Internet Explorer by a certain IP address and I allow remembered can I un remember that specific connection without having to start from scratch with the main Internet Explorer allow option (I know its hard to understand but I cant explain what I mean that well)

Comodo 3 has a very interesting and innovative architecture, and works well for many (most?) people. The installer/uninstaller worked well for me, and if you remove 2.4 and 3.0 doesn’t suit, you can always go back to 2.4-even if you need to recreate the settings. Things seem more problematic with Vista, probably because of some of the key security and structural changes made by MIcrosoft. And Avast! seems to have interaction problems for some, although I couldn’t verify it in my system. I finally uninstalled Comodo 3 and went back to the Vista Firewall without incident-in RC1 it actually corrupted the Vista Firewall and DEvice Manager so I had to go back to an image-but it was a beta, afterall. . I had frequent trouble with behavior being inconsistent with the rule sets (I used Kerio 2.1.5, Kerio 4, Sygate, … in the past, so have struggled with rulesets before). What finally got it removed is a simple problem-logging broke, and I could no longer chase down issues. So, my my problems with CFP 3:

  1. Doesn’t always follow the rules you set up. Probably there are some hidden rules, maybe some missing branches.
  2. Doesn’t always load. When I select “use administrative mode” and restart, it won’t load more than a dead stub, stops rest of programs loading. So can’t export the current settings and try again.
  3. Stopped logging in stages. At first didn’t log some items, although checkd. Then when you went to “show firewall events” nothing appeared, but if you selected “more” you could see them-although sometimes 1) applied. Then stopped logging entirely.
  4. Has problems with proxies. Using Avast! ashmai.exe to scan email, then stunnel to do secure mail caused Thunderbird to disappear from the rulesets-doesn’t directly interface with the internet, but should be controlled. Seemed to work OK for single level proxies like Opera/ashweb.exe, but didn’t try them all.
  5. Since no one really has a lot of experience with it (developers worked very hard until the last minute) and it is a very complex architecture, help is difficult, in spite of good intentions and a well designed help file. When the logging went away, could no longer help myself, even enough to try to ask the right questions.

So give it a try-I very much like the program, and look forward to 3.10 or SP1 or whatever comes next. But I did (and will) run Acronis True Image before I try it. CFP3 RC1 is the only application that has actually broken Vista in the 8 months I have been using it.