V3 internes disconnect help

OK so my problem is when comodo V3 does not like something even when the application is not using the internet some times it will disconnect me from the internet which is very annoying specialy when your using programs like Skype or MSN. Note that this happens with the most mundane things such as installing programs and such.

basically how do i turn this feature off or specify its parameters to only disconnect when something is wrong with incoming connections and or exempt it form happening with trusted applications as it some times disconnects me when i try and update programs over the internet?

I hope thats clear enough.

i have looked though the search and did not find anything however I might not have put in the correct reference to my problem so if some one could direct me to an existing thread thats would be great also.

As far as I can understand (and I’m just a user), it seems that your programs aren’t able to connect to the internet, right?

First, what you can try is to set COMODO to trust the vendor of the program (something 2.4 didn’t have): Go to Defense+ tab, and click “My Trusted Software Vendors”. You can add a program onto the list by executable or running process (I usually add programs via icon).

What you can do next, if program still having problems, is to make a rule for a trusted app: go to Firewall tab, click “Define a New Trusted Application”. Start your program and add the app via running processes. Then, check out the advanced settings of the firewall tab (click advanced at left pane). Go to “Network Security Policy” and edit privileges of programs. Hope that helps :slight_smile: !!

that might help some of the time but most of the time when i get disconnected its not really worth making the aps/program/.exe a trusted application like, today I uninstalled gears of war from my pc, it has nothing to do with the internet or anything, however comodo felt for whatever reason that gears of war in all of its melevelent glory was trying to pull a fast one on my system wile i was uninstalling it, right in the middle of a skype call, in this kind of situation its not worth making this .exe for the uninstall a trusted application, and this kind of ■■■■ is what so annoying about it, it disconnects me for the stupidest reasons, no warning no reasons why just bam no more connection not that it stays disconnected for long but that does not matter it still stops all aps connected to the net at the time and interferes with the smooth running of my PC.

The kind of things that installers and uninstallers do look a lot like virus activity - deleting files writing new ones, changing the registry and so on. You can fix the problem of alerts (these basically stop your computer to prevent the “virus” from doing other things until you have approved the actions - your internet connections are probably timing out while the alerts are occurring). When you get the first alert caused by the installer/uninstaller, click on the “Treat this application as…” button and click “Installer or Updater” on the drop-down beside it. You will get an option to enter into “Installation Mode” - I have tried both yes and no and they seem to work for the ones I have tried. There is another possible catch - sometimes an installer will use another installer like the msi installer that is on your system, so you will have to do the same thing for that second installer if it happens. So you only have to make one (or possibly two) response to fix the pop-ups.