V3 installs into "Repair" folder.....

Hi, I have/had been having trouble getting V3 to even install. Firstly every time I do try I get a “please remove shortcuts manually” message but there is no sign of it having even installed shortcuts on the desktop and from the start menu the Comodo shortcuts are blank…

But just now I noticed that it has indeed installed but into Firewall/Repair. I can get it to work by simply cutting and pasting all files in the repair folder into the firewall folder, and then it goes fine.

If I try to run it from the Repair folder I get a message saying “Comodo is not installed into the installation folder” Well duh! lol

My questions are, why is a repair folder created in the first place and why does V3 install into it?


The REPAIR folder is created during installation and is placed under the FIREWALL folder. It contains additional instances of the files used by the firewall and are used to replace the “production” versions, if diagnostics finds a file error.

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Thanks :■■■■, any idea then why there are no instances of the V3 files in the firewall folder until I copy them from the lower repair folder?

Nope - you got me with that one. It’s odd that that the REPAIR folder was created at all. That indicates that the installation was at least starting.

Did you get any error messages during the attempted install?

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No, everything seems to go fine with a last message that says unable to delete shortcuts please delete manually. <<< As near as I can remember the wording.

Behind that there is a window that says “rollback complete”.

There after nothing unless I do the aforementioned cut and paste of the files from repair back up to firewall.

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I had the same installation problem with CFP v3.
At the end of the apparently smooth installation the following message appeares:
“Problem with deleting with Shortcuts. Please kindly delete the Shortcuts manually.” >>> Roll back done. >>> Missing files from the Firewall folder. >>> Some files are available only in the Repair folder and even if you copy them back to Firewall folder you can not get the SW properly configured, installed.

Root cause:
Although, I have read more ideas on these forums on what could be the reason, however I could not find the real cause on my computer (OS: XP32 SP2, AV: NOD32 v2.7, SW: Ad-aware).

Steps I did before starting the installation:

  1. I unistalled the previous failed installation of the Comodo firewall manually (remove files and registry entries),
  2. uninstalled the previous firewall,
  3. disabled the Windows firewall (including the unchecking of the local network connection on the Advanced tab),
  4. stopped the NOD32,
  5. made sure I was Admin,
  6. re-started the PC after disabling the auto start up of NOD32 and Ad-watch, but nothing could solve the problem. I can think only one more thing the nod32krn.exe that can not be switched off (system process), but I didn’t want to uninstall the NOD or go into safe mode (I’m not so skilled).

During the install process, just before getting the failure message (“Problem with deleting…”) copy all the files available in the C:\Program Files\Comodo\Firewall folder to a temporary folder then finish the installation. After getting the failure messages copy them back to your Comodo\Firewall folder. Here you should take care one additional file, ‘COMODO - Network Security.cfg’ that must not be deleted because it was not available yet, when the first copy was done. After that start cfp.exe, then it will fail the initialization process, but it will advice to start the diagnostic program, which finally will fix the problem and after the re-starting everything will work fine.

Dear Comodo Team,
I’ve seen on the forum that it is not a single, but repetitive failure found by more users also with CFP v2. I’m quite sure you will may loose lot of user’s if this installation bug will not be fixed soon. I’m interested if you could find out what is the real root cause?