V3 have these features that Cyberhawk have

just wondering does V3 have all the features that Cyberhawk has?

all the features that are listed here does V3 have?

don’t they look like Boclean features?


cyberhawk i8s a behavioral blocker that does not rely on signatures,boclean is signature based isnt it?

sure, but the point is it can’t be compared to CFP v3 which is a powerful HIPS! I don’t know how this behaviour blocker works, but behaviour blockers are all “glorified signatures” in my book :slight_smile:


cyberhawk and prevx are behavior blockers which rely on a community database(prevx does)and isnt that what cpf v3 will do?i dont use either of these products i think that cpf 3 will do all of that,v3 alpha which i use now is workin well and is a very powerful program.

In the KIS firewall (kaspersky internet security) in there firewall they have a feature called IDS or atttack detection i don’t remember. does Comodo have this coz 2.4 doesn’t?

The feature i am talking about is the on in the KIS firewall section there is an attack detection or something.

and also ids is not HIPS so does it have ids as well

Chaos18, please note the IDS question in relation to Kaspersky Internet Security is off-topic because it’s a question on another program.

I’ll answer anyway. CFP 2.4 already has a similar feature in Security > Advanced > Advanced Attack Detection and Prevention > Configure. IDS is also based on signatures of some sort, so how reliable is that for a firewall, I don’t know. When dealing with these features, they are at the network traffic level, nothing to do with HIPS/application/system monitoring.