V3 for Server 2003?


I just discovered this great firewall. Ran it on an XP VM, really nice. Finally a firewall to replace good old Tiny Personal Firewall (yeah its old, but it ‘was’ the best firewall :P).

As usual, great things come with problems. Setup won’t install on Windows Server 2003. Is this a forced restriction due to compatibility or because it’s a server OS? I am one of those who use Server 2003 Enterprise as a workstation for viable PAE. I tried V2 after trying V3…but V2 does not compare to V3.


Hi phillis.

Comodo does not support server 2003 yet but as soon as it is fixed from bugs then 2003 may be supported.

Perfect. Thanks alot!

Is there any way to install the application to 2003 using some command-line switches? Also, is there a target date for Server 2003 support?
Comodo Rocks

what bugs? any ideas why exactly comodo firewall does not support win 2k3 till now? differrent nt kernal version?


CFP 3 working well for me on my Windows Server 2003 Enterprise with SP2 and all patches.


i can’t even start the installation…at setup it will stop with this error message:

COMODO Firewall Pro Installer

The Installed Operating System is not supported by COMODO Firewall Pro. Aborting Installation.


server 2003 standard r2 sp2

#mephisto - did you change the os indentification/convert the os to xp?

Hello Maleko,

how did you changed the os indentification/convert to Xp OS?

rgs Bob

Same problem here - it seems there is pretty much NO firewall that works properly with Windows Server 2003 :frowning:

Comodo people: any news on Windows Server 2003 support? We really need this! Even without all the fancy anti-spyware, malware detection, etc, just simply blocking traffic is all it has to do.

(And it doesn’t even need to be free, I’d gladly pay for a firewall if there was one that actually WORKS!)

bump after such a long time…Any updates for server 2003 support???


Bump again.

Server2003 is almost exactlty the same as XP sp3

What bugs are causing the block.

Same problem but well - just take a look at Antivirus Vendors or other Firewall Vendors - lot of Software telling you “Hey - I won’t work under a Server OS” but that’s usually completely rubbish.
It’s just for selling Cooperate or Enterprise Versions - nothing else.

If you do a search in your fav. engine, there’re ways “converting” a Server OS to a Desktop XP - 2003 → XP and even the way vise versa.

I did this several times for trying out if software really won’t work - when setting it back to a Server OS - and in every case there were no problems.

This includes Comodo, but also the Norton stuff, Bit Defender, O&O Defrag, Nod32 and a lot more - it’s just for making money - nothing else.

And if it wouldn’t be the case this single time - wouldn’t you agree Comodo’s Developers have either lost interest in their product or sleep all day long - when was this “bug” reported and what time we’re living in now ?