V3 Firewall not ready for prime time

I got the stealth upgrade to v3 also. Up until that time I had been doing ok with the version.
After upgrading, things went rapidly downhill
Spysweeper was no longer functional, Comodo didn’t learn and they must be eating each other’s tails, in a pissing contest.

The number of lockups, etc. has been horrific.
That is on my DP35DP Intel motherboard machine.
Core Duo Quad 6600, with 4GB RAM, and a RAID 0+1.
This machine also has dev software and lots of other stuff.

On my laptop, a Dell 5150, plain P4 3.06ghz, 1GB RAM and simpler set of software it is running just OK.

On a twin DP35DP machine with simpler software, it is running just OK.

On all machines, the performance has decreased 35 - 40% with the occasional freeze on all at the least.

I have reverted to on my dev machine.

I think you need a better compatability lab…
I would not have signed off on this major rev.
Another case of marketers thinking that they have a clue about something more technical than a rock.

Free is nice, but this software has cost me 3 days at the least. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

I could not agree more.

I installed last Thursday and have had nothing but trouble since - even after uninstalling. It really has mucked up my machine. Very slow and lots of hang-ups. Everything was fine before.
Oh well!!!

I’d have to disagree.

I found that after reinstalling to V3, that my computer actually is running faster, and my networked computers are getting along much nicer.
The HIPS did ■■■■■ around with my computer at first, but the learning process is over, and everything is running fine.

Maybe it was something with your guys’ settings that are different from the default in V3?

[at] all the jims,

Can you both please post a DETAILED hardware and software config for your PC. The development team would like to get to the bottom of these types of issues, but can only do so with the help of the affected users.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I hate to say “I told you so”, but I have to agree. Half the people I recommended the fw to had problems with it, and in one particular case I had to step in and fix things on one’s laptop. I remain a very strong supporter of CFP 3 but I’m not recommending it any further until the next build.