V3 does not allow me to read and reply to mail in YAHOO Mail.


I am running CFP, and cannot use my yahoo mail account with the firewall active. I can access MAIL.YAHOO.COM okay and see my inbox, but most times, my browsers won’t open an email unless I deactivate the CFP firewall.

I use IE 6 and FireFox, and the behavior is exactly the same. I must deactivate CFP in order to use yahoo mail.

Is this a known issue? It does not appear in any of the FAQ’s, nor on the first three pages of this subforum.

By the way, the search feature in this forum is quite useless. Searching for “Yahoo Mail” (with quotes, without quotes, via “advanced search”, etcetera still identified all instances of “mail,” “eMAIL”, or a number of other unrelated findings. I couldn’t find a SINGLE hit that also contained “yahoo.”

This yielded a frustratingly high number of hits, ALL of which were USELESS to me.

Was I doing something wrong?

The search IS a bit useless, but does rarely work if you happen to remember the message heading. I don’t use Yahoo, but it looks like you need another port opened for it. To find out more, click Firewall>Common Tasks>View Firewall Events and look at the blocked events in the logs (you may have to click “More” to see the events you want). Note the application, protocol, Source IP, Target IP, Source port and Target port. Next go to Firewall>Advanced>Network Security Policy and locate the application in the list and select it. Click Edit and then click Add and write a rule to Allow the protocol/source IP/Destination IP/source port/destination port. Click Apply on that page and all parent pages that have an Apply button. Hope this helps.

Thanks for trying to help. I really apreciate it, but now I can’t even access the internet on that machine. It just broke while I was browsing the web.

On that machine, I can now only access by way of direct IP address; the DNS stack appears to be badly corrupted/broken. I have removed Comodo (well, such as it is; see below), and am now trying to repair the DNS stack.

What a mess, and I wasn’t even doing anything when it happened. I just noticed “work offline” option dialog. I said “retry”, but no go.

That was the start of what has now been about 3 hours of rebooting and working with IPCONFIG, MSCONFIG, and so forth, trying to fix my system. I’m not happy.

Beyond the major corruption of my ability to access by way of DNS, there are three things here that I am deeply disappointed in:

  1. The uninstall tool for Comodo did not remove “everything.” I’ve still got registry remnants out there that may be preventing me from fixing my DNS stack.

  2. I should NOT have to manually create ports for Yahoo mail. I appreciate your effort to help, but come on, you have to admit that’s just silly; requiring the end-user to know so much about ports and stacks and such. And to think I installed Comodo for a non-technical friend! Well, she’s bound to be a former friend if I don’t go pull it off her system before she begins having problems too.

  3. The forum “search” function should JUST WORK, and without special instructions. There are a number of admonishments on this forum all about “how to ask a question,” “use the search first,” it’s like saying “don’t waste our time,” which I totally understand and support.

But the forum does not help the end-user to not waste your time. I spent 45 minutes looking for my problem, 20 minutes using the useless search feature for which I didn’t know the “secret handshake.” No matter what search criteria I would enter, I kept getting back the exact same results on the first two pages, NONE of which included the word “yahoo”. Maybe I’m just mad at myself for having tried so hard.

Please forgive the tone of my post, but I am extremely frustrated right now, trying to pull this thing out by the roots and teeth so that I can fix my communications. If I figure it out, I’ll post here again in the hopes that it will help somebody else who might have the same problem…

Now the forum is making me lose my posts. :frowning:

Okay, I promised an update, so here’s another try at it.

I had to spend some time manually removing some of my registry keys. I can do this stuff, but the end-user should NEVER be required to do so! Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox.

After cleaning up the registry, I used the NETSH INT and NETSH WINSOCK commands to reinitialize my DNS stack. This seemed to fix it.

Time to try another firewall. I’ll come back, but wowwowwow, not for quite awhile, folks…I’ll be feeling a bit too bruised and battered from this little incident for quite a long time. I just cannot afford corrupted system objects and numerous hours of downtime.

I wish you all better luck than I had. Have a great day and happy holidays…

Sorry to hear your bad experience. I don’t quite know what the problem’s source was, but I have read elsewhere that there has been a problem related to the installer used (Install Shield?). That may have been the culprit. Comodo is writing their own installer so maybe that will solve the problem in the future. I can only agree with your comments about the forum search feature. The only way to find things with any chance of success is to browse the topics and threads. Not everyone has the luxury of the time to do that.