V3 constantly want to try to install MSI file

I just upgraded to Comodo firewall v3 this morning. Everything went fine. I rebooted and when I went to go into the internet an installer box popped up looking for Destination folder wanting to install an MSI file. I have to keep clicking cancel and then it goes away but keeps coming back every few minutes saying the file you are trying to install must be on a cd or other media.

What prompted this?? I did not do anything else other than to download v3 and I tried to uninstall re download and reinstall and it is still the same. A windows installer box named DESTINATION shows and then it says it is on some other media???

I do like v3 and would hate to go back to the old version unless someone can help me with this problem.

BiPolar (:AGY)

I’m having the same problem here. After update, my dell pc is asking for the dell resource CD and specifically a file called RCD.MSI. I click cancel and then get an error message saying the windows installer can not continue although Comodo did seem to update fine.

What to do??

I posted a possible fix that might be worth a try.



Hi Jasper:

I did the search on my Dell resource CD and it can not even find that MSI file. Nor does a search on the entire C drive turn it up.

I think my best bet is to simply uninstall Comodo 3.0. Do I need the Windows clean up utility or should I just go to Control Panel and uninstall??

I always use the uninstaller in the Start>Programs>Comodo>Firewall>Uninstall and have never had any uninstall problems.

If you continue to get the MSI thing after you uninstall V3 then you could run the MS cleaner. The MS cleaner is for getting rid of installations that did not complete all the way and left garbage behind.



I have been trying all ■■■■ day to get this to work and no matter what I try I still continue to get this Destinations folder trying to find a MSI file which does not exhist!!!

It is a constant annoying pop up which first appeared after upgrading to V3 Com firewall. Thank you so far for your replies, but so far it has done nothing to stop this ever popup problem which is driving me MAD!!!

You might try running the Cleaner from MS. I would make a restore point first before doing that though. Be sure to read the directions on that page thoroughly before running it.


Hey Jasper,

thanks for the info. I tried everything under the sun to correct this problem not considering myself a “novice” computer user. So out of despiration I used an old program from 2002 when I had Norton Systemworks, called GoBAck. I no longer have Norton, but still use GoBack instead of System Restore.

I have AVG and Comodo and wham!!! when I went back to the start of the day and reverted my system to before I updated Comodo V3, I am now running as smooth as silk. No more annoying pop up boxes looking for destination folder telling me what I am trying to install must be on a cd or to browse to try to find the program.

I attribute this problem to Comodo V3 and until they have the bug for this particular problem worked out, I will have to stick to the older version.

Hey, shit happens, but we are not always in charge.


Glad you are up and running normal again BiPolar. The dev guys will get the issues lined out at some point. Might just take them a while but they will get it right.




OK, so I did an Uninstall through Control Panel and no more pop up messages regarding a Dell Resource CD and looking for rcd.msi file.

Jasper, I did NOT use the microsoft cleaner utility so I hope I am OK with just the Uninstall.

Can we trust the developers to add the msi file problem to the list of bugs or do I need to submit a ticket regarding this? I think I’m just going to use the Windows XP Firewall until Comodo 3.0 is fully fixed.

Thanks again.

As long as you don’t see the rcd.msi pop ups anymore then you should be fine. The cleaner was just a last measure in case you couldn’t get it fixed.


Just wanted to add that I’m having basically the same problem as BiPolar and Will91, and still haven’t found a way to correct it.

I had 2.4 (which worked just fine). Downloaded the .exe file for version 3, did complete uninstall of 2.4 (using Comodo’s uninstaller, some registry cleaners and some manual searches). installed version 3, restarted the comp, and that’s when the problem started.

Before the desktop is fully loaded, I get:

“Error 1706. No valid source could be found for product scan. The Windows Installer cannot continue.”

and also

“The feature you are trying to use is on a cd-rom or other removable disk that is not available. Insert the ‘scan’ disk and click ok.”

Version 3 works, though, after I cancel out the ‘cd-rom or other removable disk’ error message, but it does make it’s proper installation and protection ability suspect. And I don’t want to live with those MSI error messages every time I start the computer LOL.

I also get 4 entries in the Windows XP Event Log, all 4 under the heading of MsiInstaller:

1.) Detection of product ‘{1F63ED0B-EDD2-4037-B6AB-1358C624AF48}’, feature ‘Scan’, component ‘{AAF3C6E2-D8FF-45ED-8881-B8862291EFB3}’ failed. The resource ‘HKEY_Local_Machine\SOFTWARE\Hewlett-Packard\DitalImaging\CtxMgr\Strings\ProjectsPluginsDir’ does not exist.

2.) Detection of product ‘{1F63ED0B-EDD2-4037-B6AB-1358C624AF48}’, feature ‘Scan’ failed during request for component ‘{3207D1B1-80E5-11D2-B95D-006097C4DE24}’

3.) Product: Scan - Error 1706. No valid source could be found for product Scan. The Windows Installer cannot continue.

4.) Product: Scan - Configuration failed.

Even in safe mode, I would get the MSI errors. Finally uninstalled version 3 and everything was fine. Re-installed 2.4 and everything was still fine. Did full uninstall again of 2.4, installed version 3 again and the exact same MSI error messages came back. Uninstalled version 3, reinstalled 2.4 and everything was fine again.

jasper2408, that was a good suggestion to use the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility (I thought that’s what you meant…correct me if I was wrong.), but it didn’t list any Comodo related programs.

Anyway, I’m staying with version 2.4, which is working as good as ever and I’ve been happy with. I’m not sure if the problem is with Comodo or my HP comp (as one of the error messages references a specific HP file).

As a side note, when I had version 3 installed, whenever I would print a document, the print box would mentioned a failure of MS Installer, yet the document would print properly. With version 2.4, I don’t get the MS Installer failure message in the print box.

Windows XP Home 32-bit (preinstalled on HP machine), 2 GHz Intel, 1 Gig ram.

Anyway, I hope something can be identified.

Hi fig99,

The installer that is not being found is an HP product and not a Comodo product. I have highlighted the info in red.

1.) Detection of product ‘{1F63ED0B-EDD2-4037-B6AB-1358C624AF48}’, feature ‘Scan’, component ‘{AAF3C6E2-D8FF-45ED-8881-B8862291EFB3}’ failed. The resource ‘HKEY_Local_Machine\SOFTWARE[b]Hewlett-Packard\DitalImaging\CtxMgr\Strings\ProjectsPluginsDir[/b]’ does not exist.

You mentioned that when you print you get a message that something is messed up. Do you have an HP printer and if you do you might try reinstalling the software for that printer to see if that might fix the problem.


Hi Guys,
We have not seen such an issue in test lab, but need your help to resolve this.
Let me explain what happens when CPF 2.x version prompts for updates. It first downloads CFP 3.0 setup and then uninstalls CPF 2.x and then creates an entry to run setup on system startup at following registry location:

So when system starts you see this setup running while you even don’t see desktop.

This is the only difference than running setup normally.
Can you guys please install CFP setup manually and see if you find same behaviour?

This will help in isolating issue.


Fig99: I feel so much better there are others now reporting this issue. I thought my pc was really messed up and oh so happy when I uninstalled it and stopped getting those pop up messages regarding my Dell Resource CD and that pesky .msi file.

Umesh: Could you please provide me with easy step by step instructions on how to do the install manually? Are you saying a manual update will eliminate the annoying request that it wants to find a rcd.msi file??

Hi Will91,
With manual installation i meant, you download the setup from comodo site and then run it, so just avoiding it being run through ‘RunOnce’ key.


Had the same problem. Requesting install (and disc) for ScanSoft OmniPage SE 4.0, scanning software which comes with Canon All-In-Ones, even though that feature worked perfectly. I was lucky enough to find a Vista upgrade for this program (I only have XP) online, installed it and then it stopped. All very strange that it finds slightly bugged software. Unfortunately I’m still without v3 though because of an incompatibility problem with it and Sandboxie.

Micron Millennia 500MHz, 384MB RAM, Windows XP Pro SP2, KAV Anti-Virus 7.0.

I installed CFP manually and receive the MSI installation dialogue window for Stomp BackUp MyPC. From reading this and related threads, it appears that the MSI “selected” by CFP 3.0 is a random choice. I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling msiexec.exe to no avail. Worse, simply logging into this forum triggered the MSI installation dialogue window. I elected not to use the MS Windows Installer Cleanup Utility since I consider this behavior a confirmed bug in CFP.

I am going to leave CFP 3.0 intact for now as this latest release otherwise appears to be working well on my system.

The installer that is not being found is an HP product and not a Comodo product. I have highlighted the info in red.

1.) Detection of product ‘{1F63ED0B-EDD2-4037-B6AB-1358C624AF48}’, feature ‘Scan’, component ‘{AAF3C6E2-D8FF-45ED-8881-B8862291EFB3}’ failed. The resource ‘HKEY_Local_Machine\SOFTWARE\Hewlett-Packard\DitalImaging\CtxMgr\Strings\ProjectsPluginsDir’ does not exist.

You mentioned that when you print you get a message that something is messed up. Do you have an HP printer and if you do you might try reinstalling the software for that printer to see if that might fix the problem.

Yes, I do have an HP Officejet 6210 All-in-One and saw that specific HP item you’d highlighted. As a result, I was planning on doing a re-install and update of that software in a few days (enjoying the holidays right now, so…LOL). After the printer re-install/update and reinstall of Comodo version 3, I’ll post back with results.

However, I tend to agree with USSS in that the MSI “selected” by CFP 3.0 is a random choice. In this thread we have 2 items related to printer/scanners (imaging?) and one item related to a system back-up program. As such, I’m thinking the reinstall/update of my printer software may not fix the problem. Again, though, I’ll do that after the holidays (sometime next week), 'cause now I’m really curious LOL.

Umesh, per your request for doing a manual install, that’s what I had done originally. I had downloaded the CFP 32bit setup executable file to desktop. Fully uninstalled version 2.4 (used Comodo uninstaller, used 4 registry cleaners and manual searches), restarted the machine and installed version 3 from the executable. After a restart of the machine, that’s when the MSI error messages started showing up (before the desktop was even fully loaded.)

After some troubleshooting, I thought maybe I had a bad download of the executable, so I downloaded a new copy to desktop. Fully uninstalled version 3, restarted machine, no more error messages. For the heck of it, I reinstalled version 2.4, restarted machine, and still no error messages. Fully uninstalled version 2.4, installed newer copy of executable for version 3, restarted machine, and the exact same error messages returned. Poopy. Uninstalled version 3, installed version 2.4 and life is good LOL.

As I noted before, with version 3 installed, it seemed to work just fine. I got familiar with it for awhile…but I would get those error messages everytime I restarted the machine. I would also get an MSI error message when I would print (with version 3 installed). The documents would print correctly, even with the error message. With version 2.4 installed I get no error messages on machine restart and no error messages during printing.

Anyway, just wanted to post some amplifying information. Hopefully my reinstall/update next week of my All-in-One software will cure this problem. You have an outstanding product and I’m sure a solution will be found.

Thanks fig99 for your patience. Have a good holiday.