V3 conflicts with Refviz

After excuting the Refviz.exe, V3 reminded me of the action of excuting the javaw.exe which stands in the folder of installation directory. But the program didn’t run as expected. I use the paranoid mode and my OS is XP SP2. I disabled DEFENSE+and tried again, the Refvize.exe didn’t run either. I can’t use the software until I set D+ to the inactive mode. How does it happen?
Refize is an literature analyzer, the official site is http://www.refviz.com/rvinfo.asp.
Looking forward to someone’s help and suggestions (:CLP)

I’m troubled too!
Wish it to be solved earlier!!

Dont use Paranoid mode. Did you try putting D+ in training mode? You can also put those files for that program manually in D+ and make them trusted.

No reason for such activities as putting D+ to disabled… disables training mode, rules under computer security policy etc.:

Why are you quoting me? I told the user to use training mode.

Because it’s obvious that training mode won’t help ;D