V3 conflicts with finger reader software

Laptop model: Dell D 240
Finger reader software: Wave Systems Corp EMBASSY Trust Suite
OS: Xp 32bit
CIS version: 439
After installing CIS, I cannot log in my system but keep facing the landing interface. No bluescreen,the situation that the scroll bar under the XP logo stopped running after moving for serveral times makes me depressed.
How can I deal with it? Maybe this is crash that cannot be managed with changing the settings of both softwares?

i got some dell xps M1330 with finger print reader, the app is named protector suite, it’s from UPEK Inc.
i had troubles too with my finger print reader, with the app, and u can set D+ in training mode for the app to be learnt by comodo or u can put the prog folder into D+ “my own safe files”, if u still got probs after u put your folder in this place, so use D+ training mode so it will record what the finger print reader needs to work.
i had lot of probs first, the service failed to start when i started vista 64, then when i wanted to restart, i couldnt, i was just able to log off when i clicked on restart, had errors about the app, but after using training mode, the app and the finger print reader are working with no prob. if u set D+ to paranoid mode, be sure all that the OS needs is into D+ or u’ll have progs that will not work like the finger print app.
in my case i put the all prog folder into “my own safe files” and all is fine, if this doesnt help, put D+ in training mode and reboot and use your app and activate balloons messages to see what D+ is learning from your finger app.
but by using “my own safe files”, i think it will fix your prob, it works for me, even in paranoid mode now.