v3 CFP and Webroot Spysweeper. Some pop & smtp email blocked, but not all

I have installed v3 (v. today. Everything seems to work fine except email. I’ve spent all day and this evening reading posts, removing and re-installing CFP, and trying different settings. I eventually found a post by peterg at https://forums.comodo.com/empty-t19753.0.html suggesting turning off the “emaill attachment shield” in Webroot’s Spysweeper. That did the trick for me. I’m using Eudora 8 for email , Eudora 8 is a flavour of Thunderbird and essentially is Thunderbird with some extensions to make it behave like Qualcomm’s Eudora.

But here are some weird symptoms from today before I found the reference to Spysweeper. My gmail pop account worked just fine all day even with the email shield up in SpySweeper. The gmail account is set to retreive mail by POP on port 995 (with SSL). This worke fine. If I turned on SSL on the other POP accounts checking on port 110, incoming email would work, except for those email accounts which don’t offer SSL. Under CFP’s “Firewall Events” there were no events listed when I tried accessing or sending email. And no error messages from Eudora/Thunderbird.

For sending, nothing would go out on port 25 (with “TSL if available” set). But I have an account with Fastmail and I could send email out all day on port 587 (with “TSL if available” set).

In CFP, under “My Port Sets” by default all these ports are listed: 110, 25, 143, 993, 995, 465, 587. So why would some email go out on some ports and not others?

So I lost a day of work, but I’m glad I got CFP working. With the email attachment shield in Spysweeper turned off (how on earth did peterg figure that one out??), Eudora/Thunderbird seems to be working fine again. CFP v.3 seems to running fine, very quietly too with way fewer popups than v.2.

Great forum everyone!!


CFP v3.
Webroot Spysweeper (with email attachment shields off)
Windows XP SP2

You have NOD32 which has a spyware scanner you don’t need Spy Sweeper. I only ever ran NOD32 and Comodo. Now I run Avira Premium 8 and Comodo. Spy Sweeper slows your pc down way too much. I only use SuperAntiSpyware free once a week on demand.

Hi Tony,

Welcome to the Forums. If you bought NOD32, You don’t need Spy Sweeper. Cases are could cause conflict issues.

If you bought NOD32 & SS, Then leave Spy Sweeper as an on Demand Scanner. You won’t need it since you have CFP 3+NOD32.

Depending if you bought both products?


Hi Vettetech and Josh,
Wow, thanks for the fast reply! You’re right. I have been using NOD32 anti-virus only and just upgraded to v.3 of NODD32 anti-virus. I see that NOD32 v.3 now has anti-spyware too! A bonus. I thought only their suite (AV + anti-spyware + firewall) had the anti-spyware feature.

Affirmative, I bought both NOD32 Antivirus and Spysweeper.

A bit off topic, but if I don’t have SpySweeper running then won’t I lose some of the protection from spyware shields like sensing tracking cookies or startup program protection? Perhaps I can do as you suggest and do on-demand sweeps periodically.


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Cookies are not spyware. Thats what CCleaner is for. NOD32 3.0 has been out for along time now. I have never been infected in over 5 years and I have always run only an av and firewall. You cannot simply use Spy Sweeper on demand unless you stop it from booting up in msconfig and shut the services to manual. As far as the start up card that is something I never needed. Only if you install something new should you worry about start up guard or if you have some spyware. Simply open up msconfig once a week or so and look at your list. You can keep Spy Sweeper but in my opinion its over rated.

Here is a free start up manager. I got the full version from Giveawayaday.com but the free is very good also. You don’t need it running in real time but when you start it up it will alert you of any changes in your start up folder.

A follow-up. Thanks for the tips on start-up-manager and CCleaner. Will check them out. With Spysweeper turned off, my incoming and outgoing mail are working just fine.