V3 Can receive e-mail to Hotmail but can't send

I just installed version 3.

I was trying to reply to an e-mail but the send button won’t send>

Is this a rule by Comodo or a problem with Hotmail?


Hotmail web based email if thats what you mean. Comodo doesn’t effect that. I use Yahoo email and Comodo has no effect on that. Be sure FF and IE are selected as web browsers in firewall rules.

Hi Vettetech,

I hate to appear denser than I already sound but how do I accomplish what you have suggested?

Comodo is more complicated that any previous firewall that I have used.


Raiderfan :-[

Use the help file system it will tell you alot. Click around the GUI and learn each tab of everything. Never install anything unless you take the time to learn all about it. Simple open up the GUI and go to Firewall\Advanced\Network Security Policy and find the IE and FF entires. Highlight them and click edit. Change them both to web browsers then click apply.


What browser does this occur with? If you have more than one, test both of them and see if it’s the same with both.
To determinate whatever it’s CFP’s fault or not (tho I don’t think so), temporarily disable the firewall.


I am using IE7 as my web browser.

I believe I have the correct settings in Comodo firewall.

I turned off Comodo and the problem persists. In fact, now I get a message saying the MSN Messenger Service is not installed. I know it is.

Any other suggestions?


You cannot just shut off Comodo unless you uninstall it. Have you tried using Firefox? You actually shouldn’t be using IE. Is IE and FF set up as a web browser?