V3 Blocking 2nd computer on network from ICS?

Ok, I have a small network set up. PC 1 is a laptop that is used as access to a WiFi ISP. PC 2 is a desktop that has been hooked up both with a cross-over cable and with a linksys router. Both systems have V3 installed. I can access shared folders on both PC’s form one another, but PC 2 cant access the internet through PC 1. It had been working, and nothing was changed. CFP just started blocking PC 2’s access. I tryed setting up rules for the IP of PC 2 to allow full access inbound and out, but it still blocks it as an intrusion. I have tryed in traning mode and that didnt work eather. I can disable CFP and can access the internet with PC 2, but not with it running. Any ideas?


I got it working again. Im not sure what changed, but I added my PC 2’s IP BEFORE the block rules to allow all access on all ports and it worked. For some reason, even though it was already setup in the network policy’s, I had to add it to the predefined policy’s as well.