V3 big problem! [RESOLVED]

I was running v2.4.18.184
When I booted up today, I got a message saying a new version (3) was available and install?
I installed it using the automatic procedure whereby it first automatically uninstalled version then installed V3.
Then whenever I tried to start my computer, it would start, go into ‘disk check’ mode then reboot and come up with the disk check mode again. This just kept looping. (:AGY)
I had to eventually start in Safe Mode and uninstall Comodo 3.
The computer then booted up ok.
I still had the V2.4.18.184 set up file on my computer, so I have reverted back to that.
There is obviously a bug in V3.
I am running Windows XP Pro with Firefox.
I have AVG anti virus.
I believe others have had this problem, so don’t want to install V3 again unless this problem gets sorted.

You said it did automatically, maybe in transition setup automatically got the bug.
You can do it manually. Uninstall the ver 2.4.x.x first then restart and install the ver It should be ok.

On my site everything are fine :slight_smile:
With Win XP Pro SP2 32bit & Comodo Firewall Pro ver (updated)
With Win Vista Business 32bit, of course before dont have CFP v2.4, so directly installed ver and today updated to ver

Thanks for the reply BigBen.
I uninstalled then d/loaded V3 and installed it manually and that seems to have worked ok.

If you’re ok now Geo I’ll close this topic. Please PM me or another MOD if you need it reopened.