V3 Beware

I am just your average home user. I have been using Comodo firewall V2 for several months with no problems and thought it to be a great product. It passed all the GRC tests including the Leak test no problem.

Then on Friday it said a new update was available so I downloaded and installed the new version which was V3. Have had no problems with my PC unlike some users, however I did run Leak test and no matter what I tried it always failed.

Also after installing V3, I run all my usual anti-virus and anti-spy ware scans, and this is what Ad aware found (WIN32.BACKDOOR.AGENT.) Which wasn’t on my system prior to installing V3

If you found that with ad-aware, then I really think it’s ad-aware reporting a false positive, if not then maybe something slipped through your antivirus through installing/uninstalling the firewall maybe.

if you ran Ad-Aware and thats what hit on WIN32.BACKDOOR.AGENT it IS A FALSE POSITIVE http://www.lavasoftsupport.com/index.php?showtopic=14160 ← that is the link to the Lavasoft forum detailing it , simply put, if Ad-Aware reported that, UPDATE your definitions!

Another FP!
please report it to Ad aware so that they can fix it!


Adaware has fixed it! surprisingly fast too, they updated their definition files within hours of being notified!

thats good to hear!

Thanks for the heads up Rickyg73 :slight_smile: