v3 - Avoid it!!!

Having upgraded to v3 and spent the day trying to sort out conflict problems with another Comodo application, BOClean (see thread here: https://forums.comodo.com/help_for_v3/v3_and_boclean-t15376.0.html) I have now uninstalled it and reinstalled the earlier version. v2.4 is easier to use and understand, you only get one popup per new application instead of several - one after another and there are no conflicts. The only problem is that every time I reboot I will be asked if I want to “upgrade” to v3 so I will have to look for another firewall - great shame. I fail to understand how Comodo can produce software that conflicts with another of their own programmes, seems crazy to me.

You can install only the network firewall without Defense+ if the latter gives you trouble. However I use both CFP with Defense+ and BOClean and I have no problems.