V3 automatically allowed iTunes to make an internet connection?

I just installed It asks me if I wanted to allow IE7 to connect to the internet, but iTunes was able to connect to the internet without Comodo interfering. I saw a popup like “Defender learning”… Is this done on purpose? I hate firewalls that try to read my mind or think it has an IQ higher than I do. I’m about to uninstall this pos.

Hi hrbud - have a look at this thread: https://forums.comodo.com/empty-t16971.0.html;topicseen
IE7 is a bit more versatile and people often want to restrict it more. BTW, you may want to edit the entry for IE7 if you just clicked Allow. There is a more appropriate profile “Web Browser” that you can apply to it. Find it on Firewall>Advanced>Network Security Policy>(locate the IE7 entry and select it)>Edit>(select “Use a Predefined Policy” and select Web Browser from the drop-down). Click Apply and Apply.

It’s down to safe mode. iTunes is considered a safe application, so you will receive few, if any, pop-ups for it. To change this behaviour, go to Network Security Policy/Advanced/Firewall Behaviour Settings and choose custom policy mode. Be sure to delete any existing rules in NSP.

The idea behind this is simply to reduce the number of pop-ups for a given safe application.


you missed my point. I WANT it to popup notifications.


It was already in custom policy mode by default and it STILL allowed internet connections without asking for my permission. It’s stupid that this firewall consider iTunes safe. How does the firewall know what iTunes is sending to Apple? and how does it determine that what its sending is “safe” ?

Anyway, I’ve uninstalled v3 and downloaded v2.4, which behaves more the way I expect a firewall to behave and not assume that the user is clueless and dumb. I was also surprised that the 2.4 distribution is 7MB while the v3 distribution is 30MB. It looks like Comodo is following ZoneAlarm’s bloated philosophy.