v3 and NOD32 2.7 update

Hi, today cpf upgraded itself to v3 and all went like charm (rebooted, scanned for trusted apps etc.)
Now it is running in train mode but i keep getting constant popups whenever nod32 v 2.7 tries to connects home to see if there are any available updates.
The checkbox remember my answer is checked and i even tried using the combobox to ‘treat this as a trusted application’
I even went through the menues to set ‘trusted application’ to both nod32krn.exe and nod32krnui.exe
but everytime it tries to connect the popups appear and no connection to eset servers is done.
What should i do?

My machine is an athlon-64 dual core with XP-SP2 with all the updates, office 2003 with all the updates, skype, miranda, googletalk, setiathome client, BOClean and, obviously nod32 2.7