v3 and Kaspersky compatibility issues [Merged Threads]

I heard that CPF v3 conflicts with Kaspersky antivirus. Is this true? And which is actually a better AV program: Nod32 or Kaspersky AV?


I am running Comodo and Kaspersky together right now. The trick is to install Kaspersky first, then install Comodo. When I upgraded from Kaspersky 6 to 7 I had to uninstall Comodo first but all worked out in the end. I have been using Kaspersky at home and work for 10 years or so without problems. I don’t follow Nod32 but I believe its a quality product.

I am also running Kaspersky Anti-Virus and can attest that it works well with CFP 3.0.

There may be some instances in which you will need to disable “Scan HTTP traffic”, as is the case when I run Yahoo! LaunchCast Plus streaming radio. Forum member “pandlouk” has studied the potential conflict between KAV and CFP and believes the problem persists at the driver level. He recommends disabling Defense+ in CFP as well as “Scan HTTP traffic” in KAV, depending on the situation. However, I am successfully running KAV with Defense+ enabled in CFP.

The main issues I presently have with CFP is (1) the MSI Installer launching for no apparent reason and (2) CPU usage hitting 95-100% whenever I launch Your Uninstaller! 2006 and Motorola Mobile Phone Tools 4.0. I have not been able to trace either of these problems to a conflict between KAV and CFP, though, based on logs in the Event Viewer and mini-dumps.

See this post for more information:

As for the best AV, I cannot recommend one over the other. I have used KAV for more than 5 years with few issues. However, NOD32 consistently receives high marks as well, based on what I’ve read over the years.


First of all, thank you Comodo for developing version 3. Though one of my PC’s CFP informed me and I could update automatically, the other PC is still running the older version as its update checker still informs me that there is no new update available…not really sure why. :?: BTW, the CFP 3 crashed several ties and I have already reinstalled it 3 times, but I shall stick with it, 'cause I believe thats one way of showing support for all the effort Comodo is investing for us…we are all with you Comodo… (L)

Now to the topic (sorry for being a little carried away (:SHY))

If I remember correctly there were some issues with Comodo and Kaspersky AV. Is that issue still relevant with version 3? I tried to search the forum, but I neither could locate the original thread nor could I find anything new on this… Sorry if I missed anything.

Keep it up Comodo… :Beer

As you discovered, the forum’s search function isn’t terribly useful, even in Advanced mode.

Here’s one thread – there ARE a few others – that can offer some insight:

I have KAV 7.0 installed on an old 500MHz desktop system and an IBM T43 ThinkPad laptop. Both installations of KAV are working well with CFP 3.0.14 (the latest version). Forum member
“pandlouk” has apparently researched this issue extensively and believes that conflicting drivers are to blame for the problems users may be having. He recommends disabling Defense+ and perhaps “Scan HTTP traffic” to improve performance. I had to disable “Scan HTTP traffic” to allow Yahoo! LaunchCast Plus streaming radio to function properly.

I still have Defense+ activated and it is causing no known issues on my installations. YMMV.

Thanks USSS for your valuable input. Personally I do not think that disabling the Defense Plus is a very good idea…lets see if there is any other input from other experienced users.

System Info: Windows XP SP2 x32 bit. P4 2.66GHz 1GB RAM

Here is the story: I had Kaspersky Anti-Virus v6.0.1.411 and Comodo Firewall Pro

Everything was working alright, just slight minor bugs. I decided to upgrade to Kaspersky, so I uninstalled CFP and uninstalled Kaspersky v6.0.1.411 and rebooted. Then I installed Kaspersky v7.0.0.125 and everything was going good. Furthermore, I then installed CFP and the nightmares began! I did like someone suggested on the forum on deactivating Defense+ but that didn’t help. My comp froze on the startup and was lagging like crazy. I had to go back to CFP v. and that seemed to be more compatible with Kaspersky Anti Virus.

I then went to Kaspersky’s Forums and noticed that they are aware of the issue’s of incompatibility and are pointing fingers at Comodo products. The same is being done at Comodo Forum as they pointing fingers that Kaspersky has to do something. It is sad and unfortunate that two great products can’t get along and be compatible with each other. I hope and pray that in future this issue will be resolved.

Have you tried the new CFP I am not sure if it will solve your problem or not but, you can find more info at:

Hope that helps.


I don’t know if V3.0.14.173 solves the problem, but I believe you need to turn of Defense+ in CFP 3 and even the HTTP scanner in Kaspersky sometimes to get them to both play nicely together :-\


It’s possible that some remnants of the older versions of CFP and KAV remained on your system after uninstalling them. I know, it’s a PITA to clean your system, but it is time well spent. It took me the better part of 2 hours (yecch!).

I have an old 500MHz PIII desktop system and a newer IBM ThinkPad T43 laptop, both of which are running Windows XP Pro SP2 x32, and CFP v.273 and KAV 7.0 are installed on both. Defense+ IS activated on both machines, as is “Scan HTTP traffic”.

Before uninstalling either application, did you manually shut down ALL unneeded processes? After that, were all of the temporary files deleted and the registry cleaned? Even though I use jv16 PowerTools to clean the registry, I still performed a manual search to locate any remaining references to CFP and KAV. Then I rebooted.

After rebooting, once again I shut down all unnecessary processes before installing either program. However, I do not recommend installing either program in Safe Mode.

Again, I agree it should never be this difficult to install any kind of software. But I have both KAV and CFP running together with only minor, isolated issues.

I had the same issue as Nitr0x. My computer freezed right away after second restart of new install of CPF 3.0, even had already disabled defense+ during the install of CPF. I was first time installer of CPF; no other firewalls had installed before on my win xp sp2. I had to use F8 to boot into safe mode to remove CPF; otherwise, I couldn’t use my computer.

kav no web antivirus or mail antivirus component installed.

Try going to MSConfiguration and disabling Windows Defender as part of startup. We have had some reports of contention between the two for new installations. You can turn it back on again if things look OK.

I had to go back to Comodo Firewall Pro v and it works fine together with Kaspersky Anti-Virus I also found on Kaspersky forum this analysis which is very critical for every user who uses Kaspersky Anti-Virus 7.

Here is the link to kaspersky forum website: http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?s=&showtopic=53451&view=findpost&p=483121

And here is the quote:

Comodo's version 3 leaks traffic when Kaspersky is installed on the same machine and doesn't alert for new applications, even if you have it in Paranoid Mode. If you log EVERYTHING (as I always do when I test firewalls), you will see stuff in the logs under the name of 'System Idle Process' for which you don't get alerts. This does not happen when Kaspersky is not present.

[ at ] billward: Use Comodo version 2, but keep in mind that you should install Kaspersky first, then Comodo, and you will have no problems.

Basically what it meant is that Comodo Firewall Pro V is NOT safe with Kaspersky Anti-Virus, since it leaks traffic.

I believe Comodo Firewall Pro should have a basic firewall, like it did in previous version with bug fix and without Defense+ and other addons. I personally believe that Defense+ and Hips should be handed by anti-virus software and not by firewalls.

“I had to go back to Comodo Firewall Pro v and it works fine together with Kaspersky Anti-Virus”

I did the same thing by installing CFP v2.4; they seem to coexist just fine. However, sometimes during boot up, CFP would not activate its real time components. I have to manually exit the firewall and restart it then all the monitors are back on.

What a strange quote. you will see alerts generated for System Idle Process regardless if any AV is installed. The quote author also seems to be talking about two completely separate components in cfp.

Still, never mind, is released now, it fixes the proxy situation with Kav and Nod

“Still, never mind, is released now, it fixes the proxy situation with Kav and Nod”

Toggie, it sounds like what you are saying is that addresses the issue with KAV 7.
I just installed (without knowing there where KAV issues) and I was not able to get to the logon screen.

I had to boot to safe mode and uninstall to log on.
This is an unfortunate situation - I just spent several hours troubleshooting this.
I don’t have the time to be messing with this and will wait until this has been hammered out.
I am equally irked with Kaspersky because this is the second application I have had issues installing.

To install ANY version of CFP, I recommend shutting down EVERYTHING (and I mean everything), except critical Windows processes. However, don’t install CFP in Safe Mode, as critical drivers needed for installation may not be running.

Can you describe how you installed CFP? I have the latest version of CFP and KAV 7.0 running on my system without any known issues.

I agree: installing software should NOT be this difficult, but the two applications can co-exist. I am running Windows XP SP2 x32.

USSS - That’s encouraging news.
I have Vista (32 bit).
I did it the old fashion way:
Double clicked and hit the next key.

I will shut down all services and give it another try.

Well, I did my best.
I shut down every service I could and reinstalled.
No good.
Bummer, but it’s the way it is.

I’m getting ready to post a topic, “Comprehensive Instructions for Completely Removing CFP” for users desiring to either revert back to v2.4 or upgrade to the latest edition. You might try them before completely giving up on CFP and KAV.