v3 and BOClean

Just upgraded to v3 and have had to shut down BOClean because the alert pop-ups were driving me nuts. Since v3 is supposed to have a malware filter built-in do I need BOclean or can I uninstall it?

i think you should have them both.

So how do I stop Comodo constantly popping up alerts about BOClean. I have tried making the two BOClean .exe files trusted applications and it makes no difference. Seems a waste of resources to have two malware filters running if it is not necessary.

(:TNG) i just allowed every CBO popup (tick remember).
i think they’re completely different. defense+ uses whitelist approach (not safelisted, no go) & CBO use malware signature.
i use CFP+AVira-antivir+CBO+spywareblaster+CMG (comodo memory guardian)+ spywareterminator.
(but some ppl consider me too paranoid ;D )

Here some settings you should do to BOClean work well:


I have lost count of the number of times I have allowed a BOClean related popup, box ticked everytime. I have also selected it as a trusted application on the popups numerous times. I have also defined the two BOClean .exe files as trusted applications under the common tasks tab. All to no avail. I find it unbelievable that Comodo have two applications that won’t run alongside each other without conflict. v3 is supposed to have a “Host Intrusion Prevention System that can stop malware ever being installed”. I am still waiting for someone from Comodo to tell me whether, therefore, I need BOClean. BOClean is currently shut down and the system is running ok but trying to stop BOClean from starting at bootup using its preferences menu was a nightmare with the same popup constantly appearing.

How do I get to that settings page?

Defense+>computer security policy>find BOClean .exe>Click Edit>Click Acess rights.

Many thanks, I did as you suggested. I found a huge number of instances of BOClean in the application list and deleted all but one. I edited it as you suggested and having applied the changes I then restarted BOClean immediately getting several alerts. I then started Outlook Express and got 31 BOClean related popups! They are now popping up for no reason. I shall try to uninstall it and see how I get on without it. I am very disappointed with Comodo as I have had absolutely no problem with the earlier firewall versions.

Actually I have uninstalled v3 and reinstalled It is much easier to use and on my machine more stable. There is no conflict with BOClean at all. I think Comodo have released a version full of bugs and should have known better. I just hope it doesn’t keep asking me if I want to upgrade to version 3!
Thanks for your help.

As a matter of interest my partner has had exactly the same problem on her machine so it is not an isolated case. Anyone else?

I have had the same problem with BOClean, I tried those settings too and it kept producing pop-ups each restart and every time I ran a program. In the end I unistalled BOClean.

I am now wondering if I should uninstall v3 and go back to 2.4 and use BOClean again.

I set BOClean as Trusted Application in Defese+ and it works all right.

So did I and it made no difference, I still got continuous popups everytime I started an app.

I’ve unistalled BOClean and the firewall, then reinstalled v3 and BOClean and set BOClean as Trusted on both defense+ and on the firewall.

Each reboot plus each time I run an application I still get pop-ups about BOC425.exe accessing the memory when programs are running.

In the end I have disabled defense+ and re-enabled CAVS hips function.

I also have the same problem. no matter what I do I still get LOTS of popups about boclean from defense+, I think I’ll have to disable too.

What are the rules for BOClean in the Computer Security Policy? Did you let the installer set everything by default, is your Defense+ in clean PC mode?

My settings are to allow everything for boclean and yes it was on clean pc mode, it is disabled right now.

Still if I run firefox defense+ pops up asking if it is ok, I can click allow and remember but then next timeI run firefox defense plus asks me again. This is not just with firefox but with everything. It just seems to ignore the rules for certain programs. It even asks me about boclean and CAVS over and over and over and will not remember that I checked It as trusted and added it to my trysted vendors and added it to my trusted software, driving me crazy.

I’ve also had the same problem with BoClean. As soon as I click allow a new box would pop up. Sat here and clicked one right after the other until my finger got tired. Went back to and all is well.

Two points: first, BOC needs to have CFP processes put on its Excluder to prevent alerts whenever it tries to inspect CFP processes in memory. Drag all CFP exe’s that have the shield icon and Cfpagent.exe onto the Excluder window from the File Explorer window and then close the File Explorer and click “Done” on the Excluder window (Found on the BOC tray icon via right-click)
Second: A flaw seems to cause CFP to pick random applications and suddenly no longer recognize them and start popping up “Allow” alerts and writing more rules and ignoring them too. To fix this, remove ALL rules for that application, reboot and then start the application and give it the desired “Trusted”/“Browser” or whatever rules from the pop-up.