v3.0 Slows PC Boot up

I’ve installed v3.0 on several occasions since its release, but each time I have reverted back to v2.4 because v3.0 slows down my PC boot up too much.

On boot up, my PC boots automatically starts Firefox. Version takes 1 - 1.25 minutes before I can enter data onto a Firefox screen, whereas Version takes 4 - 4.5 minutes (with defense+ disabled it still takes 4 minutes). Even with defense+ disabled and disabling (using msconfig) all other startup services and startup items, v3 still took 2.75 minutes.

I won’t consider v3.0 as a replacement for v2.4 until its performance is similar. Presumably I’m not the only person who finds v3.0 unsatisfactorily slow. Are there any plans to speed v3.0 up to v2.4 levels, and if so when?

Why in the world do have you Firefox launch automatically on boot up? I didnt even know you could do that. I know my boot up is slower with 3.0 then with 2.4 buts its no biggy to me. I feel safer with 3.0 and the wait is worth it. We need to learn to adapt to change. Hell tryZA. You will be staring at your welcome screen for 30 secs before even getting to your desktop.

Did you leave terminal services enabled? Disabling it has previously been reported as causing startup slowdowns.

Yes, Terminal Services is enabled. I auto-start Firefox simply because when I start my PC, I virtually always want to use the internet. I have a shortcut to Firefox in the Startup folder on the Start Menu. My point is that an extra 3 minutes wait before I can usefully use my PC is a retrograde step. I had hoped that v3.0 would be similar to v2.4 in terms of performance.

Do you have a slow startup without Firefox in the startup menu? Is there anything in your logs?

Slow boot is the only real issue I have with 3.0. It just takes ages before the tray icon appears and the PC finishes booting. I can start programs before that happens, but there is no point as cfp just takes up so much system resource that the program (e.g. firefox) takes ages to come to ‘come to life’

Infact, it is such an issue for me that I’ve opted to use Online Armor-free - which is much quicker. I’d move back to cfp if this issue was sorted.

The tray icon loads slow yes. But once its loaded everything is lighting fast. I am a former user of OA. Be careful cause myself and alot of other were getting explorer.exe errors and lock ups. My web browsing was also very slow and I was getting alerts for everything and anything. Even when I changed my wallpaper and screen saver which I do weekly.

Which Logs might show anything - I’ve already uninstalled v3.0 and reverted back to v2.4. v3.0 slowed down PC startup when I had tried it prevoiusly, even if Firefox wasn’t started. It was also a problem on 2 other family members’ PC’s.

It seem that, even with Defense+ disabled, v3.0 is doing a lot of extra work compared to v2.4 - suggesting that it will cause sluggishness in normal use. If so, It must put lots of people off using it. Has v3.0’s smaller memory footprint come at too big a price.

Does v3.0 significantly slow down everybody’s PC, are are a few of us unlucky. If it’s a widespread problem, then surely it needs resolving urgently.

It doesn’t slow my pc down at all I have Comodo on my desktop and latop. If you want to see something slow down your computer use KIS or Outpost. Right now as I type Comodo is only using 11K of memory. Thats incredibly low memory usage. Comodo 2.4 used alot more then that. i am not sure what kind of pc power you have but read this. In this article PC Mag clearly points out that Comodo 2.4 uses more memory then 3.0. When is the last time you clean out your temp files and defragged your hard drive? Sure 3.0 isn’t conflicted with something? What other security software are you running?


Slowing down PC boot up (by minutes !!!) is the problem I’m particularly concerned with. I’d rather v3.0 use more memory if let my PC start faster. Software conflicts can’t be causing the slow boot, as the problem occured with startup of all other programs disabled.

My PC is a 2.4Ghz P4 with 512MB memory, running XP SP2. I run a daily job to clean out temp files etc, defrag and optimise the disk.

It would be nice if Comodo Support could say whether (in a PC with no conflicts) it is normal for v3.0 to significantly slow down a PC’s boot up, compared to v2.4 - they must have done lots of tests and recorded the results.

Have you tried degfagging your boot files?

Yes - after installing v3.0, I ran ProcessIdleTasks to update the layout.ini file, then did a boot time defrag. I checked that the disk was fully defragged & optimised (with the boot files in layout.ini order at the front of the disk).

Tried v3.0 again - Still slow to boot. The problem appears to be the massive amount of read and writes that v3.0 does when it starts up. Because it takes so long to boot, I think it is outside the timespan of Windows prefetcher and layout.ini.I relocating its files into sequential order, but this didn’t make any significant difference.

If the problem is a Read/Write issue, I’m sure Comodo Support are aware of the problem and it SHOULD BE CLASSIFIED AS A BUG. Hopefully the problem will be sorted out soon - until then I’ll go back to v2.4.

You seem to be the only person. My pc boots up very fast. My desktop and laptop. Have you installed the latest update? Its clearly not a bug. Why don’t you do a diag start up. Only leave Comodo to start up and see what happens.

And me…! I’ve uninstalled - reinstalled, disabled other non-vital start up items…but to no avail… it is still SLOW. For me the cfp icon take a couple of minutes longer to appear than all others in my tray (volume, avast, epson printer driver icon, wireless network icon).

The tray icon loading slow happens to me. Thats just how it works. I was taking about the over boot up from start. If you really want slow try Zone Alarm Pro.

Try removing starting Firefox EVERYTIME you start your computer. MANY computer users complain about the slow startup time of Firefox. I know that it takes less than 1 minute to boot to my Windows XP desktop with CFP3. Firefox usually takes about 10-12 seconds to start, and that’s from a cold start. It’s MUCH longer whenever I try to start other programs along with Firefox.

Let us know what happens when you remove Firefox from starting up when you boot.

Mine is slow too on my toshiba laptop and fast on my dell desktop. I have tried everything you have talked about here. I don’t have Firefox.


Defrag your boot files and clean out your prefetch folder.

Yes thats normal but Comodo is loaded into the kernal long before that. Your not talking about your over boot up your just talking about the systray icon. It is always last to load but its not a bug. Every firewall I have ever used has atleast one draw back. When I was using Zone Alarm Pro I would sit at my welcome screen for atleast 20 secs. Then sit at my desktop for another 10 secs. This is normal for Zone Alarm. Comodo loads fast to your desktop and overall boot up but the tray icon loads last and this is normal. Happens on both my laptop and desktop. After doing a complete uninstall and I mean clean. No Comodo files left over at all. Installed Comodo and boot up is quciker. I also delete my prefetch folder and let Perfectdisk redo my layout.ini files.