v3.0.17.304 still no go for me

Well, it looks like I will not be able to install CFP anymore on my computer. It looks like my computer is adamant in not letting me use it.

It all started when I tried upgrading v3.0.15.277 to v3.0.16.295. You can check out my original post at v.295 useless to me

Since then I have tried to install v.295 all different kinds of ways, but although it installs fine, when I restart, Vista won’t boot up. The only way that I can get back into my computer is through Safe Mode. It won’t boot up even in Safe Mode with Network.

I was hoping that this latest version, v3.0.17.304, would work but nothing has changed. I tried installing in Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Network and installing CFP without D+. I also tried deactivating all the 3rd party programs in windows startup thinking that there might be a program that is conflicting with Comodo during startup.

Apparently something changed between the time that I installed v.277 and now that is conflicting with CFP at startup. The strange thing is that v.277 was working fine and gave me no problems if I restarted the computer. The problem started when I tried to install v.295 which leads me to believe that the installation process changed something.

I know that it can’t be the registry because I have run several cleaners on it and removed all absolete enties. I have even deactivated UAC.

Well, it is with happy memories that I say farewell. :cry:

Dell Inspiron 1721
Windows Vista Home Premium (build 6000)
1.80 gigahertz AMD Turion 64 X2
128 kilobyte primary memory cache
1024 kilobyte secondary memory cache
174.34 Gigabytes Hard Drive
1918 Megabytes Installed Memory
ATI Radeon X1270

I’m with you, Hector40. I have the exact same situation, only with a HP Pavilion with an Intel Core Duo T7500 processor. The only difference is that this is a new laptop and no previous 2nd party firewall had ever been installed before. I did have NOD32 AV and PC Tools Spyware Doctor installed. When I tried to install CFP v3.0.17.304, Vista hung during reboot and I got a blank screen. I was able to uninstall CFP in safe mode and the computer rebooted successfully. I then uninstalled NOD32 and Spyware Doctor and cleaned all entries out of registry. I tried reinstalling CFP again with same results except this time on reboot, it got as far as loading the mouse. I uninstalled CFP once again in safe mode, rebooted successfully, restarted in safe mode and installed only the firewall. Vista hung on reboot again, so I uninstalled CFP for good.

I had this same problem with my desktop with Vista Business. Only there, I couldn’t even reboot in safe mode. I had to reformat the disk and reinstall Vista from scratch. This time I tried installing CFP before installing any other software and was successful. I then reinstalled all other software including NOD32, Spyware Doctor, PC Tools ThreatFire and CBO v4.25. I have had no trouble with CFP since and it updated to with no problems.

I’m not about to wipe everything and reinstall Vista on my laptop to get a successful CFP install. Rather than go through that hassle again, I’ll try something else, maybe Zone Alarm. Its a shame because CPF is a great product.

One thing I noticed (in bug reports) is that the final bootup screen comes up before installation is complete, and installation has problems completing if you reboot early. Try waiting until disk activity stops (or go to device manager and wait for miniport installation to stop) before you do the first reboot and see if that helps.

Thanks for the tip, sded. I may try this in the future, but I have already installed ZA v7.1 Are there any known issues about replacing ZA with CFP? Is safe mode uninstallation of ZA sufficient or would I be advised to also clean out all residual ZA registry entries before installing CFP?

I uninstalled ZA 7.1 and went back to Vista firewall months before CFP3 was ready because of the extreme slowdown I got from ZA. It was just a normal uninstall, and I never heard from ZA again; no problems with installing CFP3 with it gone.

OK. Thanks again, sded. I’ll uninstall ZA and give CFP another shot using your previous suggestion.

muzungu, would you by any chance have K9 Web Protection software installed on your computer? I noticed some posts regarding a problem similar to ours but with Windows XP and K9.

As a matter of fact, I do have K9 on both computers. I had it on my desktop before the CFP crash. After reinstalling Vista Business, I was able to successfully install CFP first thing. I didn’t reinstall K9 until several days later. I’ve had no problems with CFP since installing K9 so maybe order of installation is important here.

Zone Alarm appears to be working fine on my laptop except that Vista Security doesn’t recognize that another firewall is installed and keeps kicking up the dreaded red shield whenever I reboot. After a lot of consideration, I think I’m just going to leave well enough alone there and keep ZA instead of taking a chance trying to install CFP again.

I’ll be interested to know if you try uninstalling K9 first and that solves the CFP installation problem. Have you tried sded’s suggestion about allowing disk activity to completely stop before reboot?

I haven’t tried sded’s suggestion, but I will try it and let you know. If that doesn’t work, which I have a feeling it won’t, I will then uninstall K9 and try installing CFP to see if that works. I will post back here with my results.

Thanks. I’ll be watching for your post. Good luck.

Well, I tried installing the latest version with sded’s suggestion. When the last installation window displayed giving the option to restart the computer I went to device manager and saw 3 miniports being installed. I waited a while longer to make sure it was done and saw the window refresh itself once more. After that the miniports that I had seen installed disappeared. I decided to restart anyways and had the same results, the system got hung at the point that windows starts.

For some reason the miniports that Comodo installs don’t stay installed.

The miniports actually are hidden and only show up under “show hidden devices” in device manager after they are installed. If you waited until disk activity stopped, sounds like this suggestion didn’t help you. The other thing to try that has worked for many is to go to Microsoft Configuration and stop everything unnecessary from loading at startup. Then reboot, and install CFP3 into the clean system. Then reboot again and see if CFP3 loads OK. If it does, recheck the items you want to load at start and boot again. This has worked for most, but not everyone. There seem to be loading conflicts between CFP3 and several other (unknown) programs.

Bummer, Hector40. I’ve decided to just stick with Zone Alarm on my laptop. I don’t know how effective it is compared to Comodo Firewall, but I have had absolutely no problems with it for almost six weeks since I installed it. In fairness, I’ve had no problems with Comodo Firewall on my desktop either. It appears from my experience that installing CPF before anything else (or at least before any other AV or security software) after a new Vista install or reinstall may be the only way to get it to work. ???

Hello sded. I already tried that approach twice with my desktop and once with my laptop, and it failed each time. Being a relative novice, I don’t understand why installing CFP first has been successful for me. I should think that installing the same interfering programs post CFP would still cause the same conflicts on start up.

Vista eliminated the use of the boot.ini text file that controlled the order of boot in XP, and went to a new approach with an algorithm most of us don’t understand. But changing the order of boot is possible by installing CFP first, since it appears to keep working once the boot problem is initially fixed. The interfering programs appear to only be a problem if they boot first and stop CFP from ever getting into the mysterious Vista boot list. You can Google BCD and BCDedit and try to understand it. :wink:

I am a former ZAAS user. There is an extensive clean up procedure. See there forums for a manual clean up. It involves copying and pasting a search.