I am new to Comodo, trying it only after my long-used firewall became less usable and reliable after many updates and ‘improvements’.

When attempting to access help for the first time, not only did I find the menu item unhelpfully buried deep within a menu header, but it crashed the firewall immediately. Restarting the firewall and trying again had the same effect. I then accessed the help file from outside the program but could not find the topic I wanted despite trying various alternative terms.

Equally, when trying to access the forum via the menu, that also did not work as expected, but caused Notepad to open!

I needed the help file to elucidate port configuration for certain software, but was unable to find any obvious pertinent reference. I downloaded the V2 help file in the event that sibling resemblance between the two versions might provide a hint. That was less than helpful as there seems not to be any resemblance between them. Only by slowly going through every option within the menu system, did I eventually find the relevant item. Once found, it was very simple to configure, but finding it was less easy than I would have wished.

Hi claptonian

This will hopefully be fixed with the next patch. check out here.


In the meantime go to your program files >comodo firewall folder and click on the .chm files. that should open the help files until the fix comes.


Thank you for this information. I did check a sizeable number of back-posts for any relevant previous reports of this problem but obviously not quite enough!