V2.4 Dead?

Is the 2.4 already dead or is it still in development? Because I would still welcome 2.4 x64-Version. V3 is really good, but if you want a plain and simple Firewall for things like servers the 2.4 is in my opinion the better choice. It’s has been developed for longer time and has atm less bugs (overview is imho also better).

Thanks in advance!

V3 for me has simply never worked on my XP Pro. OS. I already use SSM and Process Guard so I really just need a straight forward Firewall
V. is IMHO is straight forward and magnificiently STABLE.
I strongly suggest that V.2 be continued for the simple reason it works GREAT!! (:KWL)

I support you guys and I want the Comodo Team to continue and improve CFP v2.4, since I personally like simple stuff myself. It’s simple and powerful. I hope they will hear our message and continue its development.

P.S. Comodo v3 is great, but v2.4 is really like a nice simple but strong firewall.

It (V2.4) doesn’t need a lot of improvements… The only thing I would suggest to improve is: A field for descriptions for the firewall-rules. No one remembes all the port-numbers…(or which application they belong to) :wink:

What I really NEED is a SIMPLE & STABLE Firewall for my Server2003x64 (and maybe later Server2008(x64)). Comodo-Firewall meets all this reqirements. I’m afraid there’s no other really usefull firewall which runs on Windows x64 OS. Even Comodo-Team says that V3 will be available for Servers LATER when the “larger” bugs are fixed. Why not use V2.4 and make it x64 compatible? Most users like those plain and simple things much more than large software suits. This is also one of the reasons why people love Firefox. It’s a browser -nothing else- and if you WANT, you can add features.

Therefore I hope the Comodo-Team will continue work on V2.4. Keep up the good work guys!
Greetings from Austria,

BTW: I wish all Forum- Members and the Comodo-Team a happy new year! :smiley:

Please apologize spelling mistakes my English isn’t perfect :wink:

In all the time I have been using and following COMODO Software (B) I have found Melih and the team quite sensitve to user opinions. I am confident that “if there is a desire and demand” to keep V.2 up to date and current then thats what they will do.
And again in IMHO COMODO should offer a simple, strong and STABLE Firewall…Version 2.4 (:CLP)
Happy New Year to all. (:KWL)

I would reaaaaally appreciate a “Source IP” tab for “Application Controls” beside the “Destination IP” tab, like v3 has it!
This is so far the only thing v2 really lacks for me!

Can someone from the COMODO-Team please comment this thread. The only thing I want to know is if there is a chance that there will be a 2.4 x64 (XP/2003) edition. I would even pay for that 50$, but that’s nothing compared to a single SSL-1yr-Certificate… I don’t know how much work it is to “convert” 32bit to 64bit…



There are many of us who still prefer the older yet stable V2.4, and like you I would be more than happy to continue using this version, the trouble is that we are not receiving any updates now so at some point we will have to resort to v3 for continued protection.

But V2.4 works for me - long may it reign… I cannot understand why BOTH versions cannot be supported …