V2.4. BSOD - IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (16,2,0,804.....) cmdmon.sys [Overview]


Hi folks,
after reading for a while, I found some people (hi to all) with the same problem:


Here a little summary:
================ (:NRD)


  • System Crash (Critical Error)

Firewall Version:

  • and
  • ? ?

Windows Version:

  • XP pro/home with SP2
  • Win 2000 SP4
  • possibly all versions of WinXP/Win2000

Result/Event (Crash):

  • RESTART (WinXP automatic restart setting: ON → Please set it to OFF)
    - BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) AKA - STOP-Message

Time-range from boot to failure:

  • Unkown/Random
    (from some minutes to hours)

Error Message (BSOD):


With codes like:

  • 1000000A (00000016,00000002,00000000,804F8C38)
  • C000000A (00000016,00000002,00000000,804E469A)
  • something similar

Concerned File (causing Problem):

  • cmdmon.sys

Software POSSIBLY causing the proplem:

  • (quotation from Little Mac)
    deamon tools; alcohol 120% and similar software (like Nero Image drive)

  • !other software is possible, too!
    (I read something about “Word” and my last active prog. before BSoD was “Excel”)


Please Help:
Go to Comodo Support, register on their system & raise a ticket on this issue. Support will probably need the CFP version, your OS & the minidump from the BSoD (which they’ll ask for).

Or attach the dump-files to your post (zipped).



  • …uninstall your current firewall version (all 2.4…) and install a older version (2.3…)
    (try version: or …45) - don’t forget to stop auto-updates

  • reinstalling the 2.4. version as recommended in post _37
    does NOT help!


  • Problem known by comodo

  • in progress? (I hope)

  • (Quotation from -Melih- : wait for version 3.x.x.x)

  • Stand by for Updates… :SMLR




PS: Please, help to solve the problem ASAP!

  • bookmark this thread AND/OR link your thread here.
  • post some additional informations.
  • post some suggestions
  • post other useful things here, that will help solving the problem.

hellraiser-rh (R)

Just to let you know the newer version just crashed on me again with the same error (:SAD) Going back to 2.3

Thank’s GoonerUK.

With the word’s of GoonerUK:

“When are we going to get some answers…”

A !! little !! feedback? (please)

How long we’ve got to wait for v3 or a working version?


CFP V3 is scheduled to go to public beta at the end of April, but, as with all development schedules, this date is elastic.

Ewen :slight_smile:

hi all, i’m newbie
Jun 5, 2007 for the first time, it’s very great firewall
install comodo v2.4.18184 on my new laptop with windows xp sp 2

but today i’m having the same problem BSOD with IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL
BugCheck 1000000A, {16, 1c, 0, 804e1745}

from 5 Jun until yesterday 12 Jun, my laptop is ok
yesterday, as i’m remember, i edited svchost.exe connection from block to ask because i want to check new update
right now, i’m blocked svchost.exe connection again ?
is it gonna be solve the problem ?

I started experiencing the same problem over the past few days. I am using the latest version of CPF as of 2007-07-07. It was 2.18.something something.

I’ve attached the 3 minidump files it generated so far…
I opened the dmp files with WinDBG and the results were all

Probably caused by : cmdmon.sys ( cmdmon+7e2 )

I think the cause may have been the EvID4226 Patch that I Installed a few weeks ago. That’s the only culprit I can think of. Because it modified the TCPIP.sys file So I am going to uninstall that and see how it goes. When will this error be fixed ? Looks like it has been outstanding for a while from searching the forums.


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